Sunday, August 3, 2008

Howdy from the retreat!

Checking in from the retreat! WHAT A BLAST!!! Sucha great time with friends and family and SCRAPPING!! Well, actually not as much scrappin I get done on regular weekends but still alot of fun with friends! This cabin is wonderful and can not wait to come back!
I was so excited to finally meet some of my online friends. Bonnie I talk to every day, I'm SO glad she was able to come! We met for the first time a bam its like were long last friends just like online! It's kinda funny. Jen and Andrea I have met before and we already get along great! Lacey I chat with often and I'm glad she was able to make it so I could meet her in person. Kelci I don't talk to often at all and was surprised she wanted to come to the retreat because I don't know her at all! But shes so fun! That's all the ASP girls, my online scrappin friends.
Other retreaters are... Tammy, my sister. Tamey, my friend. Erica, my friend from Jr High. Toni, Erica's sister in law. Stepahnie, Tammy's friend. Martha, Stephanie's friend. Rebecca, Lacey's friend.
We had a few challenges and the ladies knocked out some great products! Page kit challenge, make something with a CTMH paper pack. Erica won with an awesome lo of Troy's 9 mo pictures. Coaster challenge, create something w/ coasters. We had alot of great entries and I won with my summer time coaster book. Stick pins, use stick pins on a lay out or something...Lacey won with a really cute card with a charm! Those challenges we voted on. Another challenge was to use a puzzle book and Bonnie won that one NOT only because she was the only one who took on this challenge, but also because it was a very cute page! Last challenge was a sketch challenge Jen had a few sketch's that ha vent been posted yet, and so we got a choice of sketch to use and from thet Jen and I got to choose winners... it was hard to choose so we kinda just flipped them over and closed eyes and whichever layout Jen pointed to won! Kelci won that one!
Im not very productive, some say I brought too much but I wont admit to that! lol I just hate not having everything right where I know where it is! Im used to having everything within armsreach but oh well NO complaining here! Just my excuse for not getting too much done! Fun... oh yea I got the fun covered! I need this more often! I have called and checked on the kids and Ken a few times and he seams to be doing well.. we shall see how the kids and the house looks when I get back! lol Insulation was being installed today and I hope that went well since i guess its like a 5 hour installation, but hoping it really helps the temperature of the house!
ok, I'm tired and really rambling now so I guess I should be going to bed...


Bonnie said...

Kat thank you so much for planning this. I know it was a ton of work but I hope it was fun work. :) I had a great time and wished it was a little longer! It was great to meet you in person and I too felt completely at ease. It was great! Love ya! Bonn