Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Later Gators!

Ok, a day early but I know I wont be around tomorrow. I have my scrapbook stuff packed and all the goodie bags packed. Still need to pack my personal supplies and go shopping for the food! Then the fun of stuffing it all in the car! lol

I have been So bad with pictures the last 2 weeks or so but be prepared when i get back i will be posting lots of pics! Pics from the beach, Palm springs and of course the RETREAT!!!!

Im SO SO SO excited about this retreat for MANY reasons!

1. Get some ME time!
2. Scrap time!
3. be able to hang out with family and friends
4. Meet some of my online friends!
5. Did I mention ME TIME?
6. Fresh air!
7. My legs all to myself! No one pulling, tugging, whining, crying on them!

OK, Im beat and have a lot of stuff to get done tomorrow! And hopefully be able to spend some quality fun time with the kids since I've been quiet wrapped up in the retreat stuff lately!

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be checking back probably mid week!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick/ Palm Springs/ RETREAT!!!

I have been sick since Friday! It's been horrible I just need to be DONE with this crap! Literally! lol Ok, TMI sorry!

Palm Springs! We went out to Palm Spring this weekend. Ken's mom and brother met us out there and took the tram up to the mountain, its pretty scary but still pretty cool! Then we just hung out at the hotel and in the pool... ahh so nice! Would have been nicer if i wasn't so darn sick, but still pretty nice get away! Sorry its a crazy week, hopefully i can post pics soon, if not next week I promise!

Retreat countdown! 3 more days until retreat! So much I need to get done for the retreat, around the house etc before Friday! AAGGHHHH!!! I REALLY need to be DONE w/ being sick so I can get this stuff done and get up to the retreat and have some FUN!!!

Got NOTHING done today while Kaitlyn was at school. I laid on the couch or in bed the whole time! Kassel was great and watched shows most the time (horrible mom I know) :( Then got Kaitlyn from school at stopped over to pick up my order and every one elses orders from socalscrap, then came home, hopefully to recooperate! Next few days are going to be CRAZY!!!

Sorry for the randomness in todays post...

ETA- Kassel is doing GREAT w/o nursing! WooHoo!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

No more milk for you!!

Ok people laughed at me when I weaned Kaitlyn from breastfeeding with breast petals but I thought and still do think its a great idea! I couldn't find any non, semi nudist pictures of them to post on here, so you gotta google it yourself if you don't know what I'm talking about!
So I have been looking into doing Isagentix and I think I finally convinced Ken into letting me try it. BUT he says Kassel needs to be DONE breastfeeding! I had been wanting him done for awhile now but Ken wanted him to continue for a bit longer. Since I'm going away next weekend anyways i figured that would be the perfect time to be DONE!! He doesn't NEED it and only nurses to go to sleep and once in the middle of the night and its just for a minute or two, so yea he really doesn't need it. He wants it but doesn't need it! So last night after Ken said that I dug and dug for my Breast Petals! I knew i had some! What are breast petals? Well, they are for those perky girls who can wear shirts or dresses w/o a bra but don't want their nipples popping thru! AAhhhh I remember those day! lol SO I finally found them!
Got out of the shower last night, and put them on... hehehe YOUR DONE BUDDY!! Kassel was in the room when i was getting dressed and kept look at my boobs like WTH happened?? but didn't say or point or anything... So then bed time came, we lay in bed and I give him his milk like I usually do (yes im a bad mom who sends the kids to bed with milk) and he takes it and get comfy, then starts whining a little, i ask him what he wants he points to my boob. I show him, "It's all gone"! The ONE good thing about weaning kids later is that they understand a bit more. He whines again and then get comfy and settles down! WOW I was SO surprised! Kaitlyn fought it! She was trying to rip it off and everything! So that was it! He went to sleep! WOW!! He woke up in the middle of the night and whined and asked pointed, showed him again and said "Bubba its all gone" He didn't like it this time and had a bit of a fit, but not too bad! I was really surprised and went back to sleep!
YAY!!! I'm so excited! It will take a few days and then I'll be gone for the weekend and hopefully he will stop asking for it!

It is a sad moment when they are done nursing but im very releived that he's not taking it as hard as Kaitlyn did and that soon I will be working my tushy off to regain my body back! Man, it will be nice if I can start wearing some cute clothes again! lol

Monday, July 21, 2008

As if....

As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I offered to help out w/ socalscap and what did she ask em to help out with? THE BLOG! Pretty funny since I Just started blogging what like 2 months ago? Before that I had NO idea what it even was really! lol So if you have a chance stop on over and check out SoCalScrap!If your a scrapper you should check out all the goodies they have in their store and the awesome message board! Tare also having a cyber crop Aug 15! WHAT fun that will be!!! Friday's we post a friday freebie that you just need to be a memebr and comment on the blog to be entered to win, winners are posted the following friday when the next one is posted!
Let me know what you think!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Few other altered items

Here's a few other little altered tins that i threw together for prizes for the retreat! I plan on filling them with candy or something.

I also hope to make a few more before the retreat but we shall see! Man im SO excited! Its going to be SO nice to get away and meet soem of my online friends AND actually hang out with my IRL friends and sister! Man I just cant wait!!

ETA- did these last night... Altered notebooks!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Altered Pampered Chef Tool Caddy!

OMG I just had to do my pampered chef tool caddy since it just came today! I love it! I got the puffy words and the white Prima flowers from SocalScrap ribbon from Micheal's and bada bing bada boom....
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now in use....

AND the whole matching set! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!!

THanks for looking!!!

From Drab to Fab!

Ok, as some of you know I LOVE to paint things! I just HATE the prep work! The sanding, priming etc.. I got the wild idea of making some of my scrapbooking necessities match and decided to try that new Krylon paint for plastic. OMG I LOVE it! It works and covers SO good!

I didnt take pictures of the 'before' but the wipe box was white, the toolbox was a purple color i wasnt too fond of but i loved the cute little toolbox and lastly my ATG gun. Yes thats what i use for my adhesive for scrapbooking! Its a bit big and i was afraid of it when I first got it but it has saved me lots of $$ in adhesive and i love it! BUT it was red! eewww!

So i started w/ the ATG gun, then decided i'd try the wipe box, then WTH lets try the toolbox, then ahh heck theres still a little more paint lets do another wipe box for the heck of it! Yes my hands are STILL covered in paint (and i did this 3 days ago!) eewww.....

But look at how these turned out! OMG i love it! Im still going to do more to them but just havent had a chance yet!

I did have time to 'dress up' one wipe box! Simple but oh so darn cute! Much better then White with Peter Pan on it! lol

Thanks for looking! Drop me a line and let me know someones out there!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kassel's First Play Date!

Kassel is SO clingy, he has to be ON me ALL the time! Not a moment w/o my leach! So lately swimming lessons has been a bit difficult with him in my arms and teaching the 2 girls... sounds like fun huh? So anyways... Today the plan was for me to leave Kassel with Melanie and Broady and take the girls to swim. I was kinda nervous as I havent left him with ANYONE besides Ken. So Melanie should feel special! lol JK She said he had a great time, without whining or crying! I told her that Kassel will there all the time then!(funny thing is she thinks I'm kidding!)
Anyways, when i got back both boys were running around playing and he didnt even come running to me! AAhhhh how nice that was!
No pics tho :( oh well.. maybe next time!

Supposed to be used like this?

Its so funny... I buy fabric, ribbon, lace, straight pens, etc but not for sewing! I use them on my scrapbook pages, but I actually used my machine on fabric not paper! lol I did have alot of difficulties and at one point called my sister to come help me. But she enlightened me by telling me she isn't a very good seamstress either! lol Gee obviously mom didn't do a good job teaching! lol Both or our philosophy's are about the same... read the directions.. did that make any sense?? NO! ok, just look at the pictures and kind figure it out! lol Well... i tried that! and i still had problems! So I gave up! Put it away never to be thought of or seen again! For a day! Then I decided I'd give it another try! Pulled it out and it all made sense to me! WooHoo! Granted the details are NOT great at all, seams are a bit off and not straight and all that but... I LOVE how it turned out! I want to keep it! Yes, that's right, all that work and its not even for me! lol Im in a 'crafty' swap on my message board. We usually swap scrap stuff... journaling tags, titles etc but this on was a fun anything crafty swap. My person I'm sending to is always baking... she makes the most awesome cakes! Recently shes recently started making her own CRACKERS! how cool is that? and her own CHICKEN NUGGETS!!! SO since she spends so much time in the kitchen I figured an apron would be appropriate for her! I'm hoping to make something else to go along with it but here it is...
******ok wait, disclaimer time! Kaitlyn took the picture and it was soon after getting home from swimming lessons, so yes I'm still in my swim suit, hair up and messy as all heck!****

BUT I'm So excited this got done and looks cute!

This is what the fabric, lace and straight pens are supposed to be used for! lol

Ok, so since i had a bit of creativity left i made her daughter a matching apron since she loves to help mom bake!

Too long??

So I guess my blog has been ignored lately.... SORRY! I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off!
I am hosting a Scrapbook weekend retreat along w/ Jen (link on the right) and it has consumed alot of my time and energy. So much to do to entertain/challenge and feed 14 women! Its alot of fun and im enjoting it but its still stressful! Here's a look at the ScrapandStay that we will be staying at. This is the front of the cabin....

and the scrap room, which obviously the most important! hehe, dont plan on spending too much time anywhere else, even tho the whole cabin is great and the view... and the air... AAahhhh I Can NOT wait! Counting down! 16 more days! lol

and heres a corner of the supplies that are for sale while were there!

It was hard to hold back and not buy stuff when I was there to check out the cabin! lol but I did! It was also very hard to leave and come back down the mountain looking at all the crap we breath in everyday! Man, i need this weekend SO bad! 2 1/2 days w/o Ken and the kids..... ahhh! I KNOW I will miss them all terribly but I really need some kid free time!

So besides that all that and just normal everyday Kraziness we are also haveing a family BBQ at my dads house this weekend with all the local aunts and uncles and cousins. It will be great! We rarely get together besides Christmas Eve. Then I think were going to Palm Springs the weekend after that and then.... THE RETREAT!!!! WOOHOO!!! Can NOT WAIT!!!!