Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Supposed to be used like this?

Its so funny... I buy fabric, ribbon, lace, straight pens, etc but not for sewing! I use them on my scrapbook pages, but I actually used my machine on fabric not paper! lol I did have alot of difficulties and at one point called my sister to come help me. But she enlightened me by telling me she isn't a very good seamstress either! lol Gee obviously mom didn't do a good job teaching! lol Both or our philosophy's are about the same... read the directions.. did that make any sense?? NO! ok, just look at the pictures and kind figure it out! lol Well... i tried that! and i still had problems! So I gave up! Put it away never to be thought of or seen again! For a day! Then I decided I'd give it another try! Pulled it out and it all made sense to me! WooHoo! Granted the details are NOT great at all, seams are a bit off and not straight and all that but... I LOVE how it turned out! I want to keep it! Yes, that's right, all that work and its not even for me! lol Im in a 'crafty' swap on my message board. We usually swap scrap stuff... journaling tags, titles etc but this on was a fun anything crafty swap. My person I'm sending to is always baking... she makes the most awesome cakes! Recently shes recently started making her own CRACKERS! how cool is that? and her own CHICKEN NUGGETS!!! SO since she spends so much time in the kitchen I figured an apron would be appropriate for her! I'm hoping to make something else to go along with it but here it is...
******ok wait, disclaimer time! Kaitlyn took the picture and it was soon after getting home from swimming lessons, so yes I'm still in my swim suit, hair up and messy as all heck!****

BUT I'm So excited this got done and looks cute!

This is what the fabric, lace and straight pens are supposed to be used for! lol

Ok, so since i had a bit of creativity left i made her daughter a matching apron since she loves to help mom bake!


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