Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Short Short Short!!!

Ok, So lately something had to change. As most of you know I dont do much to my hair, usually up in a ponytail or just down with the top pulled back. The one day I tried to do something to it to make it look good it turned out like CRAP and it really made me mad! So I decided it need to GO! So off to the salon I go... short, wash and wear that was what I needed! This is what I ended up with. Photobucket I had to crop the picture because the only picture I have of my new hair cut was from the spa this weekend and I didnt know if my friends wanted their bathing suit pictures posted on my blog! lol

Right before she was about to make THE CHOP I remembered I could donate it for Locks of Love, an organization that uses donated hair to make hair pieces for kids who are suffering from hair loss for whatever reason. I was excited to do this yet again, I think this is the third time I have done it! You need to have a minumum of 10 inches to donate it and I had more like 12! As an added bonus since I donated my hair the haircut was FREE!!! WooHoo! I didn't remember that part but hey I'll take it!

This is also for Angies Wordful Wednesday!

Going Green!

I have been considering gong to cloth diapers for a LONG time now... like when Kaitlyn was little, but its so overwhelming! Not to mention the fact that its SO hard to find stores locally (even here in 'Green' CA) that have the supplies you need. Looking online theres SO much info but yet not the basic info I was looking for. Finally a friend of mine sent me to Diaper Swappers and sent me a basic into to the different types of cloth diapers. Anyways Kassel is now a part time GREEN BABY! I'm working on getting some more so he can be exclusive cloth diapered. I'm so excited about this and yet mad that I didnt just jump on board long time ago!

These are the best pictures I could get of my cute cloth diaper baby, he just wouldnt hold still and continued to tackle Kaitlyn! I think he likes them, they are SO soft!

If you are considering getting into cloth diapers please feel free to contact me and I can share what info I have learned! Right now I'm using Bum Genius and looking forward to geting my first Fuzzy Bunz in the mail any day now! These are all whats called Pocket Diapers, I am also going to try some Fitted Diapers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Alive!

OMG, today was the first day back to semi-normalness! Kassel, Ken and I still are not feeling great but I think were almost out of it. Kaitlyn went back to school today, Thanks Goodness! Man, having her home for almost a week was almost too much for me to bear! Doesn't help that no one felt good, everyone cranky, clingy, and getting on every ones nerves! Ahhh fun times!
So now lets try to get back to life!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

One after another!

Wednesday night Kaitlyn wasn't feeling well, coughing and had a fever. She stayed home from school on Thursday. Then Friday I started feeling it, kassel seamed to slowed down a bit and kait was still a little yucky and Ken texted me from work saying he is sick now too and wished he could home! So all day Thursday and Friday we just laid around the house and relaxed and took naps!!!! Saturday was going to be a fun filled day but instead we stayed home and slept and just hung out all day! Kassel has been fighting off the fever, I feel like a MAC truck hit me along with a sore throat, coughing and hot and cold flashes. Kaitlyn seams to be fine except for a lingering cough. Ken says hes almost over it. So now its mostly me and Kassel who is sick. Didn't get to go to the festival at the school or a friends bday party! bummer! Anyways... that's whats been happening around our house! Not fun!
I had planned on going to the spa tomorrow but not sure now. even tho I know a massage would make me feel alot better I just dont know if I have the energy to go!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wordful Wedsnesday

Angie at hosts wordful Wednesday.
But since Kaitlyn is nagging the heck out of me I will have to continue this after I get her whatever shes been nagging about forever..... BRB

Ok, back!

Here's the picture I picked. I was going to pick the adorable picture of Kassel sucking icing off of Kaitlyns finger but its already in the slideshow below. This picture was taken at the Irvine Regional Park sunday when we went for my friends sons bday party. I love this picture. Not only because it turned out SO much better then it would have with my stupid P&S camera but mostly because it is of my loves of my life! They are my whole world. I would be nothing with out them. I wouldnt be a wife, a mother, and mommy without them. They are truely my heart on the outside of my body! Love you guys! Keep smiling, keep wondering, keep being SO darn cute!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kassel's B-day! He's TWO!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're Exhausted!

Kassel's eyes are a bit better and we end up having the party! We had a GREAT time! ALL the kids were playing so much, it was great! I cooked TOO much food but everyone seamed to enjoy it, so that's good. I felt like I was running around setting up fetching stuff for the kids and then cleaning up during the whole party and didn't get to chat much which kinda stinks but its oh well. Kassel fell asleep and still hasn't waken up to open gifts so I think we might have a marathon gift opening week like we did for Kaitlyn's first bday, a gift a day or something like that. I would be in bed right now, I'm SO tired but I'm waiting for the bounce house company to pick the darn thing up!
Ok, I think I'm gonna go lay down and if they come they better knock loud! lol

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poor baby!

My poor baby! He may just not be ment to have any birthday parties! He woke up this morning with gooky eyes and they continued to get worse and worse! I talked to the pharmacist at Walmart and his DR twice on the phone! Im freaked out! Granted we have had some nasty Santa Ana winds earlier in the week and last weekend and we have all been sneezing and snifling but this is BAD!
This is him durring his nap, eyes sealed closed almost!

Then after waking up from his nap:

Then tonight before bed:

Good thing is that is isnt slowing him down, he feels fine, he just has nasty eyes! The Dr convinced me that its NOT PINK EYE,(unless something changes) so if your comming to the party dont worry! The white of his eye is still white so thats what were going with. I have him on Zyrtec and some OTC antihistamine eye drops, so I hope and pray that hes doing ALOT better by tomorrow or atleast by his party Sat morning!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mama Kat's Homework

Oh man, I almost forgot about Mama Kat's homework from

This weeks Prompts:

1.) Recall a time when you did something to get noticed. Write about it.

2.) Begin with “I wish someone told me…”

3.) If you could rearrange three things about your life what would they be?

4.) What do you love to create?

Ok, so the easy one that's just calling my name is #4, I think Kat wrote this one just for me! :) I LOVE to create scrapbook pages! Obviously! I love decorating my pages and bringing the story to the pictures. Regular photo album don't tell you the story and people looking at them now or generations from now wont know the story. Scrapbook pages tell the story! I also like creating cards with the scraps from my scrapbook pages, if you haven't seen my last set of cards look HERE I also like teaching Kaitlyn to create cookies and fun stuff by cooking, check out those posts HERE

k, but seriously that was way too easy so lets see if theres another prompt I can do....

OK, lets go for #1 and what do I do to get noticed. Really IRL I'm pretty low key and kinda shy around people so don't really try to get noticed. BUT for my blog I do all these funny Wordful Wednesdays, Mama Kats homework, SITS, shoot theres another one I wanted to do and forgot about it until now... its was a Friday foto or something like that, if you know where that is let me know! I love checking out others blogs and getting COMMENTS on mine! SO that's pretty much the only thing I do to get noticed!

Thanks Mama Kat for another great homework assignment!

P is for Pumkin

This week at one of Kaitlyn's schools the letter of the week is 'P'

We were talking about things that start with P, she mentioned pumpkin! Sure enough pumpkin starts with P! Since I've been trying to do something along with the letters of the week I told her maybe we could make Pumpkin cookies. She was so excited!

So here she is making Pumpkin cookies! She wasn't thrilled with how the pumpkin looked for smelled but ended up liking the end product. I told her just like applesauce cookies you don't always like everything that goes into the cookies but when its all done they are good!

The recipe came with a great icing recipe to drizzle on top. We didn't do it tho because the cookies are so good by themselves anyways plus I didn't think the kids (mine or the ones at school) needed any more sugar! I got the recipe from here and we had a few oops, but it still turned out great!

Kaitlyn took them to class at OB on Tuesday and to class at CC on Wednesday. Everyone loved them, or at least so they said! lol

Wordful Wedsnesday

Angie at 7 Clown Circus hosts Wordful wednesday and I love participating in it. On her post we all found out she just moved to So Cal! Im so excited that I have a blog friend in the same state! WooHoo!

So last night after bath time Kaitlyn was sitting in bed talking with Daddy and shes brushing her hair. Ken was so impressed by her being able to brush her hair that he tells me I need to put that in the scrapbook! Then Kaitlyn chimes in and says "Yea Mom You Need To Put This On the Blog!"
OMG, I about died laughing!! So here it is! I put it on the blog! I figured the rest of you blogger would appreciate that comment! lol

And, since I feel I have to be equal here's a piture of Kassel painting for the first time! I'm horrible at letting my kids paint, I hate to deal with the mess of paint! Most messes dont bother me, but paint for some reason just
does! BUt i accidently left out the paint that I let Kaitlyn play with durring Kassels nap, so when he woke up he ran right up to it and wanted to paint! Ugh, I couldnt break his little heart! So here he is painting for the first time!

Monday, October 13, 2008


First off Family and friends looking for the ROADTRIP pictures they are here!

Howdy everyone out there in blog land! I have mentioned SITS a few time before but Tuesday SITS Blogathon! If your a blogger and want to find cool blogs out there you HAVE to check outs SITS! Also its a great way to get your own blog noticed! That's how most of my comments have come to be! Some from friends or family but most from SITS girls as well as from Mama Kat's! blog! So if you have a chance to check out SITS here ya go!

I have found some of my favorite blogs from SITS like Skip to my Lou, which had a kick butt giveaway yesterday on scrapbooking stuff! Right up My alley!

Todays Creative Blog has awesome stuff almost everyday and also will introduce you to amazing blogs!

Little momma and company is an amazing blog with a woman that's a million times the mom I can ever be! She does really cool stuff with her kids and blogs about them all to give lame moms like me ideas! hehe I found her awhile ago, don't remember how but then i found out shes one of the SITS girls! Shes awesome!

Meaghan at "I kicked Cancers Ass" stopped by my blog awhile ago from SITS and her blog is SO touching about how she beat cervical cancer, shes SO young and its a rude awakening that it can happen to anyone at any age! Get over there and get some info and some inspiration from her! She's is really an amazing girl! (FYI, My mom passed from cervical cancer so I feel a bit of a connection with Meaghan )

Aubrey is always a great read and her shoe envy made me laugh. All I got is flip flops usually!

There are SO many other great bloggers you will find over at SITS, depending on what your looking for you'll find it over there!
We ALL love comments on our blogs SO please leave one for me and everyone else! Have a blogrific day!!

Manic Monday!

UGh what a day!
*** WARNING*****
*this is a bitchfest post!*

Wake up, drop keys off at car shop and yell at them for leaving tools in the engine compartment, drop off dd, take Ken 45 mins to work thru the HORRIBLE SANTA ANA WINDS! Try to drive home thru the same damn winds that tossed my car around the freeway. Go to AAA to file a complaint on how bad the service... well no... it wasn't bad it was NON- Existent! We got NO Help from AAA while stranded on the side of the freeway for 5 hours on sat! Talk to the shop and have a heart attach when they tell me how much the repair bill will be! Grocery store for baking supplies for Kaitlyn, get Kaitlyn and FINALLY HOME! UGH....

Now can I just tell you yet another reason why I hate Fall? Besides the fact we don't really get a fall, like no changing colors, etc.... we get Santa Ana winds! Dirty disgusting hard blowing dry winds! NASTY! ALL my life I hated them! My asthma and allergies flair up BIG TIME in the winds! I HATE IT!!!!! And I think Kassel has allergies too, poor baby! No fires around here yet, there are some in SoCal but not close by thank God, but I'm sure there will be soon! Now.... if these damn winds screw up Kassels Bday for the second year of the poor kids life I will go postal!! On who I have no idea but someone will pay! LMAO
I wanted to take pictures when I took Ken to work but for once in my life I didn't have the camera in my purse, I'm gonna go wash my windshield and put the camera in my purse so I can take pictures when I go get him! Ahhh what a day! On the plus side, Kaitlyn and I made some VERY yummy Pumpkin cookies!
Now... off to pay for the car repairs OUCH and then go get Ken, fun times

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Card Crazy!

Thanks to Creative Scrapers World Card Day challenge I got some cards done! I haven't done many cards lately but since I have no mojo for layouts I jumped into making cards. I love using up scraps! I have so many left over from layouts and its so fun for me to make cards from them! So yesterday and today I knocked out 33 cards! Some real cute some just OK. All and all I'm pretty impressed with my accomplishment which I got done during the time we had at home (as opposed to the 5+ hours we spend broken down on the side of the damn freeway!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip Overview Day 5 (weds)

We didn't make it very far, We had hoped to make it to Tuscon but we stopped somewhere between Las Cruses and Tuscon and crashed for the night! Woke up, had a great breakfast at the hotel and then headed out to see if Olga was home in Tuscon. Ken called to let her know we were coming, she had her son pick up the kids and meet us there! It was great meeting Olga's grand kids! Kaitlyn and Kassel had fun and of course they had to feed us yet again! lol

And that was it! Long drive home and we all crashed! Nice to have our own beds again
Thank you everyone for met us along the way! We enjoyed spending time with you! Thank you Alicia and Bonnie that text'd me or Im'd with me out on that long open freeway!

Trip Overview Day 4 (tuesday)

Wake up! Wake up! Rolled out of bed and headed outside to take in the view again! The Rio Grande is visable from their patio and man just such a great view!

LaDonna and Joe showed us some sites of Las Cruses! Breakfast first! Great breakfast even tho the kids were being a PITA! lol

Some of the cool sites... an old Indian fort... darn fort and museum was closed on Tuesday! Always our luck! lol

Then he hit up the Hobby Lobby! Since I didn't get a picture at the first Hobby Lobby here we are leaving from the second one! and YES i bought stuff! We were actually walking back from putting the cart back but I got a bunch of albums and page protectors and lots of other goodies!

Museum! We went to this really cool museum in Las Cruses. Kids had a great time! They were also filming a video for the museum and we were filmed in a few shots around the museum. I was playing with the camera too!

Some pictures along the Rio Grande, across the river and up the hill a bit is where LaDonna and Joes house is. Lastly is the cute bug that Kaitlyn was playing with.... until she staked it! lol I'll save you from that picture!

After our tour around LasCruses we headed back to house finished packing up and headed out towards home!

Trip Overview Day 3 (monday)

We woke up and headed down the I10! Not much to see but desert, dirt and some cactus! We made it to Las Cruses in the evening.

My Aunt LaDonna and Uncle Joe live in Las Cruses and I haven't been to their house in..... shoot I think I was like 11 years old when I was there! the house wasn't even completely done at that time! This place is amazing! Just getting there we hung out o the front patio and took in the view and just relaxed a bit! Let the kids run around a little!

Kaitlyn didn't listen and touched the cactus and told me theres no pokeys on it! HAHA, just a few minutes later I see her picking at her hands, trying to hide it from me! They were those tiny ones you cant realy see but oh my they hurt! So here we are picking them out of her hand, I *think* she learned! lol

It was a LONG day and kids were getting into everything so they got a shower and went to bed. Then I stayed up a bit and had some tequilla shots with LaDonna and Joe and talked about this and that. It was great!