Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip Overview Day 1 (Sat)

Here's some pics of the kids right before we left, all buckled up and ready to roll!! LOOK at those pictures! I could never had gotten thos with the ole P&S!! Have I mentioned how happy I am for getting the new camera?!?!?

Here's just some random ones playing with the camera along the freeway. Here's a great shot of a train that was going along the freeway, look you can even see the engineer in it! We were flying down the freeway at about 85, I'm SO impressed! And then HORRIBLE stretch of the I10 with ALL the WINDMILLS!!! AAGHHHHH!!!! I HATE this section of the freeway! I really have no idea why but it freaks me out! Even when I was little going on road trips I remember hiding under my blanket until we were thru this! They are everywhere! Both sides of the freeway! AAGGHHHHH!!

This was one of our many diaper stops! Kassel has recently starting telling us when he goes potty so were trying to reward him by changing him right away, on a LONG road trip it was difficult but this was one o the many stop in the middle of nowhere to change him.

Bonnie and I met at Hobby Lobby and OMG I want one SO bad! I'm thinking a 5 hour drive isn't too bad for a Hobby Lobby! lol Bonnie and I had joked about taking pictures of me kicking and screaming and holding onto the doors as she pulled me out. But we didn't! We got kicked out instead! lol It was closing time and I didnt wanna leave!!
Here we are at dinner with Bonnie, Meghan, Kaden and Nate. The kids were SO cute together having fun and they were all sad to say goodbye!

Then we finally went to the hotel and crashed!


Lacey said...

Looks like you had a BLAST on the road trip.. glad it turned out so well...