Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch up and Mom's Birthday!

Oh man, I'm so bummed! I didn't take pictures of the second set of Valentines. they turned out so cute! It was a goodie bag with some chocolate kisses and a shovel that says "I dig you!" We also made MnM cookies for that class!

Also, Last week Kassel had his first gymnastics class! We've been tossing the idea around on getting him into a class. Finally I made one last push, and off we went! He wasn't too thrilled with the idea of the stretches to start off the class, but who is! lol After we started going he LOVED IT!! He did great on the trampoline, obstacle course, balance beam and the bars! We looked thru the pictures together and he's excited to go back.

Another year has come and gone.... I turned another year older this weekend! We didn't really do anything except for a birthday dinner at my dads house. Dad smoked some tri tip with his extra special firewood that he got from up north (yea he's kinda crazy about this kind of stuff). Last time we were there and he BBQ'd I wanted to do smores but they didn't have the supplies. This time Chris made sure they had the stuff! WooHoo! I dont remember the last time I made smores! SO as soon as dinner was over I was all over it!

Since Kaitlyn had never made a smore before I had to teach her what this was all about. So we set up our crackers with the chocolate and put the marshmallows on the squires and off we went in the freezing cold to bbq a marshmallow!

And we all know that the best smore is a messy smore!

To end the night off I got a few gifts! I got some cool cupcake gifts! Cool book on how to make awesome
cupcakes AND a stacked cupcake carrier! WooHoo!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Clear out the old!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordful- Valentine

Another episode of Wordful Wednesday!
Today was Valentine prep day!
First due to a special request from Lacey to see Kaitlyn cooking we snapped some pictures of Kaitlyn and Kassel making some rice krispy treats. Not really sure if it is considered cooking or baking or whatever but either way the kids looks so cute all decked out in their aprons!

This is the finished product! Pink Rice Krispy treats with cute little hearts mixed in!

Then we got started making some valentines, mom was kinda putting things oiff to the last minute. So we pulled out one of our favorite toys, the Cuttlebug! Love that baby! The kids love to use it too!

So the kids took turns embossing the papers with the cuttlebug, then mom inked them and then Kaitlyn glues them together! She wrote her name on some of them... then got bored w/ doing so many! lol Pretty simple and kinda cheesy but oh well!

Stay tuned im sure tomorrow will be abother valentine prep day for fridays class.... man this would be easier of she only went to one school! lol

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

A day late and a dollar short but here's my first attempt at Tribute Tuesday!

My friend Katy offered to give me her cake she made for her cake decorating class. The theme was cars. Isn't this the cutest cake ever?!?!?

Thanks for sharing Katy it was so cute... and very yummy!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Musical Monday

Musical Monday

Im jumping on another bandwagon, atleast for today! I saw it posted on Angie's blogs and thought this is comthing right up my alley, I love music!

This song by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah brightman has always been one of those songs that Ken and I love. It was also a song that made it into out wedding song list, not sure where we fit it in. Maybe it didnt make sence and I dont want to say its 'ours song' because I dont want out song to be about saying good bye! lol but all and all we love this song!

Our other all time favorite song is a mix that was made after Keith Whitley passed away with Allison Krause. It came to the radio while we were planning our wedding and we LOVED it. The one on my song list (playing on the blog) is slightly slower then the one we used, not really sure how theres different ones but whatever! I searched and searched the web and the music stores, the song was impossble to find! So I wrote the radio station that played the song and asked them how the heck they got it. They explained that they created the mix and that its not out for purchase. I begged and begged and they finally sent me a tape of the mix. I was SO excited. That was our song for the first dance. It stinks that we stll have not been able to buy a CD with it on there, but in a way I think its kinda cool that our song is so special.
ETA- ok, were still having abit of 'discussion' here, Ken swears thats not Keith Whitley, I have to agree it DOES sound like Randy Travis but it says its Keith! Anyways... its not exactly our song but its as close as I can get!


Considering its Valentine week, figured I would change up the blog a bit... might help me get into the mood! lol Valentine Day isn't usually anything special. Ken isn't the flower, chocolate, card kind of guy. I've gotten used to that. I usually buy myself something I want and tell myself Ken got it for me! lol Not to mention my birthday is the day after Valentine day and since all the restaurants and hotels are usually way too crowded we don't usually do much for that either. This year at least I can try to create something for Kaitlyn's class's. Not too much into that kind of mood right now either tho! lol We shall see what I come up with!

What I'm hoping for Valentine day and my birthday is a get away to the Scrapbook Expo in Costa Mesa! I went last year with my friend Erica and Andrea and had a BLAST! Got alot of goodies, made alot of make and take and just all and all had a great time with friends. Last year tho the expo was right after my birthday so I had plenty of birthday money to spend, this year... not so much. So I don't know if I'm going or not.. I cant tempt myself and go with out any money!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Scrappy Stuff

I am hosting 2 challenges at SoCalScrap
First one is a Layout sketch challenge provided by my friend Andrea

I need to retake a picture of my layout from this sketch as the picture is really bad. I'll try to get it up soon!

Also a card sketch challenge sketch provided by my friend Shanna

This is my card created with that sketch, pretty simple but I had fun with it. I played with some felt and the fiskars edge punch, and some foam and a stick pen!

A few other layouts from other challenges:

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This economy Sucks!

Well, we all knew this year would get worse long before it would get better. I know many people that are hurting and now on Friday my hubby got this:
pink slip Pictures, Images and Photos
Man, this sucks! He tells me not to worry and that things will be fine but I'm stressing, stressing big time! Thank goodness recently we were able to take care of some debt but we still have the month to month living expenses..
Anyways I just wanted to vent a little... and all the rest of you who have been or are dealing w/ unemployment. I can now empathize. This sucks!