Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catch up and Mom's Birthday!

Oh man, I'm so bummed! I didn't take pictures of the second set of Valentines. they turned out so cute! It was a goodie bag with some chocolate kisses and a shovel that says "I dig you!" We also made MnM cookies for that class!

Also, Last week Kassel had his first gymnastics class! We've been tossing the idea around on getting him into a class. Finally I made one last push, and off we went! He wasn't too thrilled with the idea of the stretches to start off the class, but who is! lol After we started going he LOVED IT!! He did great on the trampoline, obstacle course, balance beam and the bars! We looked thru the pictures together and he's excited to go back.

Another year has come and gone.... I turned another year older this weekend! We didn't really do anything except for a birthday dinner at my dads house. Dad smoked some tri tip with his extra special firewood that he got from up north (yea he's kinda crazy about this kind of stuff). Last time we were there and he BBQ'd I wanted to do smores but they didn't have the supplies. This time Chris made sure they had the stuff! WooHoo! I dont remember the last time I made smores! SO as soon as dinner was over I was all over it!

Since Kaitlyn had never made a smore before I had to teach her what this was all about. So we set up our crackers with the chocolate and put the marshmallows on the squires and off we went in the freezing cold to bbq a marshmallow!

And we all know that the best smore is a messy smore!

To end the night off I got a few gifts! I got some cool cupcake gifts! Cool book on how to make awesome
cupcakes AND a stacked cupcake carrier! WooHoo!!


KelsyC said...

Looks like everyone had a blast!

Michelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Don't you love that cupcake book? My mom bought it for my youngest. We have yet to try anything in it.

Blind Amber said...

Lol, pink was obviously the color to wear that day...