Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs!

Oh what fun Easter Egg dying is!
The kids had a great time! We didn't do anything special just plain old one color... boring huh? Well... that's what happens when I didn't have time to do it ahead of time and had to do it RIGHT before hunting them! Here's the kids dying their eggs...

I had to try something new and so here are my eggs! What fun these were to do! I found the idea somewhere on the Internet, probably someones crafty blog but I'm so bad at remembering where I found it. Sorry if it was your idea!! These are dyed with silk ties!!

I was amazed at how awesome these turned out!

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!

Our Council extended cookie time and we were lucky enough to do a little bit of cookie selling! WooHoo!
Here's the kids ripping open the cases of cookies!

Kaitlyn getting ready to deliver her first cookie sell!

Kaitlyn's first sell!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School Egg hunt!

Easter egg hunt at Kaitlyn's preschool! Off they go!!!

She had SO many, not sure how she held them all!
Then she got smart and got a bucket from the playground to carry them in! Thats my girl! If theres a will, theres a way!

Krazy Kid!

Kassel found a new spot to fall asleep! He's so funny! He;s been doing this recently where while were watching a movie and hes supposed to be in bed he will crawl under the blanket I'm using and snugle under it. This has been a common scene latley!

Riverside National Cemetery

I am so far behind on updating my blog! oops!
A few weeks ago we went to the Riverside National Cemetary to have Ken's dads flag refolded. We mised the refolding of the flag but I got some nice pictures at the cemetary. Kens grandparents and father is buried there. It's a beautiful cemetary!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Blog Hop!

Since today is Earth Day, use recycled material somewhere on your LO. It can be recycled paper or something non scrapbookish you add to your page.I know im a little early, so everyone else might not have theirs posted yet!)

earth day Pictures, Images and Photos

That was the given challenge. These are always fun to do! Since I have been SO busy with Girl Scout stuff lately I didnt get a chance to get a layout done for this BUT we went totally green on our SWAP's for this weekends Camporee (day camp). We are a brand new troop and have pretty much no money so I was trying to think of what to do along the idea of the theme of the camp which is LOST (Learning Outdoor Skills Today) and cheap! We went with trail signs. At first I was thinking of using squares of foam or felt but thought 'Hey! What about cardboard!?!?' I have a bunch of boxes I've been meaning to fold down to get in the recycling box. Instead we made them into swaps, made our expence next to nothing for these babys! Totally fits into Earth Day too!

196 of these baby's! WooHoo!

And a little closer so you can see them. The Circle with the stone in the middle means begining of trail. Square inside square means end of trail. Arrows... I would hope would be self explanitory! lol

Incase your thinking WTH are those for? Girl Scouts at big gathering usually make SWAP's (I think it stands for Small Watchamacallit's of Appreciation for Pals, something like that!) the girls are supposed to make these and at the event they trade with other girls. It gets the girls to talk to the others and have funm meeting people they normally wouldnt. As well as have fun making them!

Click on the button of click HERE to hop on over to see what Kelly and everyone else did for their project! Did you do anything for Earth Day? If so lets see it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Plan

Ok heres the plan!
We had so much fun with the blog hop that we decided to continue it! This wednesday (Earth Day) are all going to post something centered around a certain criteria. Then the Blog Hop continues! So check back on wednesday and see whats hopp'in!!
Participants include but are not limited to Shanna, Andrea, Erica, Ashley, Lori, Kelsy, Devon, Julia, Jen, Kelly, Crystal
Your more then welcome to join in, if you do a project within that certain criteria feel free to link us to a picture of the project!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What a sweetie!!

My friend Kelsy sent me a RAOK (Random act of Kindness) She sent me some cool scrapbook goodies along with an awesome necklace that matches a pair of earings I bought off her Etsy store awhile ago. THANKS KELSY!!

(I will be back to post a picture of the necklace)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daisy Girl Scout!

It's official!!! Kaitlyn is now a Girl Scout! A Daisy Girl Scout!! Isn't that just adorable! We are very excited to start this awesome new adventure in Girl Scouting. We already have a day camp planned with our Service Unit! Where we plan on learning lots of fun girl scout songs and games. We might also be able to sneak in before the deadline and sell some girl scout cookies! How fun is that?!? (so if you want any let me know! wink wink)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tiny Tot Olympics

Last weekend Kaitlyn attended her second annual Tiny Tot Olympics organized through the city. Last year was a nightmare! She did one event then had a break down because she wanted donuts and didnt want to play anymore, so instead we jsut went home! This year she had A BLAST!! She did all the events and loved it all!
Here she is with her friend Ashley, So darn cute they are!!!

Getting ready to do the soccer kick.

25 yard dash

Javalin throw

basketball toss

Obstacle course

Fun stuff

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sad to say but....

Closing Pictures, Images and Photos

SoCalScrap is going out of business. Like many many other small business's its just starting to cost too much to stay in business. So pop on over and get some great deals!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Scrappy Blog Hop

I havent been scrapping much lately but if you want to check out my scrap stuff (since it burried in my blog somewhere) it is HERE. I have belonged to an online community of "friends" for about the last two years. Most of us met on Babycenter but left after they changed their format, others of us are friends of friends... anyway, we are a pretty tight knit group! It's a place for us to gossip, talk about our lives, kids, husbands, and of course SCRAP!!!

So, being that it's spring time and all, we decided to make like the Easter Bunny and start a blog "hop" to showcase each others work and blogs and just spread the word about some amazingly talented ladies.

The hoping continues on to Kelly she has some really cool simple scrapbook sketchs. Stop by and say hi and keep on hoppin! Enjoy!!