Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Scrappy Blog Hop

I havent been scrapping much lately but if you want to check out my scrap stuff (since it burried in my blog somewhere) it is HERE. I have belonged to an online community of "friends" for about the last two years. Most of us met on Babycenter but left after they changed their format, others of us are friends of friends... anyway, we are a pretty tight knit group! It's a place for us to gossip, talk about our lives, kids, husbands, and of course SCRAP!!!

So, being that it's spring time and all, we decided to make like the Easter Bunny and start a blog "hop" to showcase each others work and blogs and just spread the word about some amazingly talented ladies.

The hoping continues on to Kelly she has some really cool simple scrapbook sketchs. Stop by and say hi and keep on hoppin! Enjoy!!