Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Blog Hop!

Since today is Earth Day, use recycled material somewhere on your LO. It can be recycled paper or something non scrapbookish you add to your page.I know im a little early, so everyone else might not have theirs posted yet!)

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That was the given challenge. These are always fun to do! Since I have been SO busy with Girl Scout stuff lately I didnt get a chance to get a layout done for this BUT we went totally green on our SWAP's for this weekends Camporee (day camp). We are a brand new troop and have pretty much no money so I was trying to think of what to do along the idea of the theme of the camp which is LOST (Learning Outdoor Skills Today) and cheap! We went with trail signs. At first I was thinking of using squares of foam or felt but thought 'Hey! What about cardboard!?!?' I have a bunch of boxes I've been meaning to fold down to get in the recycling box. Instead we made them into swaps, made our expence next to nothing for these babys! Totally fits into Earth Day too!

196 of these baby's! WooHoo!

And a little closer so you can see them. The Circle with the stone in the middle means begining of trail. Square inside square means end of trail. Arrows... I would hope would be self explanitory! lol

Incase your thinking WTH are those for? Girl Scouts at big gathering usually make SWAP's (I think it stands for Small Watchamacallit's of Appreciation for Pals, something like that!) the girls are supposed to make these and at the event they trade with other girls. It gets the girls to talk to the others and have funm meeting people they normally wouldnt. As well as have fun making them!

Click on the button of click HERE to hop on over to see what Kelly and everyone else did for their project! Did you do anything for Earth Day? If so lets see it!


mom2andrew&leo said...

What a great idea! Way to get the kids involved!!!

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

Love them! Too cute and what a way to teach them to recycle too!

Tiffany said...

What a cute thing for the girls to make!