Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Science Discovery Museum

Last Thursday Kaitlyn played hookie from school and we went to play at the Science Discovery Museum. The kids had a great time playing with different things. Kaitlyn said it was all playing and NOT learning! lol Little does she know! Here's a few pictures from our trip!

We all had a great time and plan on going back soon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Drag Boats are back to Lake Elsinore!!

After about 10 years Drag boats are back to Lake Elsinore in the "Thunder in the Channel"

It was a cloudy chilly morning and afer a long walk to the waters edge we got to see some awesome races! The kids were great and had a fun time.

They learned to cover their ears when the races started.

Sadly we did watch one crash. It was kinda ironic because it was the first boat that had... crap I dont remember what they called it! Its kinda like a pod. Its a built in roll cage that releases from the boat if theres an accident. This is right after the crash with the water still up in the air.

Here is his pod on the rescue boat being raced to the dock for the EMT's to check him out. They said he was conscious but they rushed him to the ER.

Finally the races continued..

Some random cute pictures from the races...

We got an update on the driver of the boat that crashed. He was rushed to the ER and was in surgery for 6 hours. He is paralysed from the neck down. No work if its perminent or not. Sending prayers his way!

Friday, March 6, 2009

My heart aches.....

Two of my favorite men have walked out of my life this week....

I know I have introduced them to you before but just for the heck of it here we go again, as I'm very sad to see them go.

First theres Dr Christian Troy.

He is an amazing plastic surgeon who just this year moved out here to LA (maybe to be close to me!)He has had a rough patch in his life lately as he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast cancer, underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, then received the news the cancer is not gone and was given 6 months to a year to live. With that news he proposed and married his lesbian anesthesiologist/friend and created a family with his aids infested whore of a exgirlfriends son who she tried to pass off as his son, but was born African American, obviously NOT his! And now to the sad part.... he just left on his honeymoon with his new found 'family' Hurry back to me Dr Troy!! I already miss you!

Second man who walked out my life last night, well actually swam out...
Michael Westin.

This very smooth, sweet, serious ex spy was 'burned' which means pretty much he got fired from being a spy. Leaving him with no identity, no job or job references and a burning desire to find out who burned him. He meets up with a trigger happy ex girl friend, who I actually really like and yet another spy Sam, maybe I'm just partial to the name! Last night they 'took out' Carla AND Victor and met with the Management. He was given an altimatium and he opted for jumping out of a helicopter way above the ocean to take on anyone and everyone that is after him all on his own. Swim Michael swim! Swim back to me hunny!!

ETA- for those of you who are are lost.... I'm talking about my men on Nip/Tuck and Burn Notice. It was the season finale this week on both of my favorite shows, sad... very sad.... On the plus side, Burn Notice is comming back in JUNE!! WooHoo!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture a day finally updated!

I really didnt think this picture a day challenge would be so difficult but IT IS!!

I just updated out Just Us 365 blog with a bunch of pictures from last month and so far up to date with this month! Woo Hoo! I missed some days but what can you expect im not very good at HAVING to do things everyday!

Scrapbook yardsale

There will be at least 6 tables filled with scrapbook, paper craft stuff that their owners want you to take off their hands. Great deals to be had, for sure. One Scrapbooker's trash is another Scrapbooker's treasure!

We will also have a children's table set up so they can play and make some paper craft things for themselves. This table will not be supervised, but will be easily seen by all of us.

Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009
Time: 8 a.m. to Noon - No early birds please
Place: 533 San Miguel Dr.
Corona, CA 92879
Contact: 951-640-8678

We are still accepting vendors so if you are interested in setting up your own table e-mail