Saturday, January 8, 2011


Welcome 2011!!!

I know I a week or so late but hey, better late then never! I want to Welcome 2011 and let it know I'm giving it the opportunity to be GREAT!! I really thing we deserve a good year by now. So far so good. Year we've been a little sick and Kassel has been going through his "I don't need to eat" thing but all and all its been pretty good.

This week we started back at school and that always makes things a bit crazy. Kaitlyn is doing great in first grade and excelling very well. Kassel loves spending time with the kinder and first graders and is always eager to do his pre K work. One day while I was teaching the first graders he was doing puzzles off to the side of the classroom and I told the first graders to come up with a word that starts with the 'th' combination. Kassel gets up and comes over to me and says "think!" I turned to him not sure what he was talking about and he said it again and then I realised he was answering the question I just gave the first graders! It was so cool! Defiantly a proud Mama moment! Before the first graders could think of a word he answered it! Even when he's not doing his work hes still learning!

The school that we have is s such a unique experience I just love it! Our junior high student asked if we could go whale watching and we told her we would look into it. with money being tight for everyone now days we didn't really think much about it. One day I was searching around for our next field trip and decided what the heck, lets check out whale watching and stumbled on an awesome deal! We are going in February! Everyone is so excited!! We just cant wait!!

Welcome 2011! Lets bring on a change! Looking forward to what our next adventures are!