Friday, September 26, 2008

'A' for Applesauce cookies!

The letter of week was A at both schools! I'm sure that wont happen too often since neither school goes in order of the alphabet! Since we were in the cooking mood Applesauce cookies sounded good. So off to google I go! I found two recipes and decided to try both! First one was from and here is that recipe and then we found this recipe from

We started making one but then DUH mom didn't get any applesauce! I knew we had some applesauce cups and since they wont eat it anymore figured that would be enough, ended up we only had 2 individual cups! So we stopped making that one, yet saved the dough for later and we barely had enough applesauce for the second... Man it smelled SO good. the cinnamon, the nutmeg ahh... SO yummy! Smells almost... holidayish... even tho its still 90 deg outside! So we got those done and OH they were SO yummy!

So after we got more applesauce and got the second batch done we agreed that the recipe from was the better of the two, but I did add a few dashes of nutmeg to the recipe! Kaitlyn took the cookies to class on Thursday and Friday (remember 2 different schools) for snack time to go along with the Letter of the week 'A'.

What to cook?

I know I still haven't even loaded the pictures from the applesauce cookies.... we sure are enjoying them tho! :) We had such a great time cooking this week I hope to continue it! Maybe not something every day. But do you guys have any suggestions on what Kaitlyn and I should cook/bake/make next week?? If you have a killer recipe I'd love to hear it! If you just have something in mind and want us to be the guinea pigs let me know! We might get adventurous! lol

BTW- I added the recipe for the Peanut Butter Bars and hopefully soon get off my butt and add the other recipes soon! If you guys try any please let me know!

ETA- I added the Playdoh recipe

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What to drink??

Ok, I need some help! Im going out for a Girls night.. nothing big but dinner w/o kids is HUGE for me! lol SO.... since I'm going out and I'm not nursing..... WHAT DO I drink??? Whats your favorite drink? Please help this poor lady have some fun w/o the kids!

ETA- Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I decided on Laceys suggestion! I tried the margarita w/ the sweet n low. YUMMY!!!! Can't beleive it cost me 8$ for 1 drink but oh well it was worth it to be out! hehe

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homework #3

I skipped last weeks homework.... yes I got a slap on the wrist but that was just part of my funk! lol

I'm being a good girl and doing homework again!
If you don't know what I'm talking about check out MamaLosin'It!
This weeks writing prompts:

1.) Lost? How come?
2.) If I could take tomorrow off work I'd...
3.) Write a letter to someone you miss greatly
4.) 10 things I believe in...

What prompt will YOU choose??

Hmmmm.. What WILL I choose???.... Off to think about it and start working on it...

OK, so #1- I don't really feel lost right now.
#2 If I was to take off work (being Mommy) I would go to the spa and sit in the jacuzzi most the time! Get out and get the longest Massage to work out all the kinks... add in some hot stone to that by the way.. back in the jacuzzi.... Salt scrub..... Mud bath.... then into the Natural spring water, hair cut and style, pedicure.... then have my limo take me to meet my hubby at dinner.... by ourselves! Where we can enjoy the meal and maybe a drink or two without having the choke it down before the kids start having a fit (kinda like kassel is now because I wont get him out of the bath!)
#3- If I was to do this prompt It would be to my mom but I don't think I can do it...
#4- na.. I'll pass!

Thanks for the prompts Mama Kat!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finished the bags and PeanutButter Bars

Ok, I HAD to add something to those bags they were buggin me! lol So I figured I'd try my hand at a pumpkin... here's my finished project!

And we decided to actually cook something today.We made peanut butter chocolate bars. They were supposed to end up like Recess Peanut butter cups but we kinda messed them up... but ended up alright but here's a few pics of my nice and my cuties helping.

Oh! And I put together a cute seasonal door hanger... but forgot to take a picture and since Im finally sitting on the couch for a bit I really dont wanna get back up!

ETA- The Recipe!
Im not sure where I got the recipe, from someones blog but me being such a bad blogger I didnt write down where... so if its yours speak up! thanks!

Peanut Butter Bars
1c butter, 1c peanut butter, 2c graham cracker crumbs, 2c powdered sugar 1 1/2c semi sweet chocolate chips, 4Tbsp peanut butter
Directions: Melt butter & 1c peanut butter. Add graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar. Mix until well blended.Press into ungreased 9"x13" pan. Melt chocolate chips with 4Tbsp peanut butter and spread ontop graham cracker mixture. Refridgerate for atleast 1 hour.
YUMMY! Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Recent pages

Fall into Fall ~N~ Playdoh!

I've been stressed and therefore cranky and anti social. Today being the first day of Fall I made myself try to get out of my funk and get back into the swing of things! Which is kinda funny because I don't really get into the Fall thing, I'm not big on browns and orange for decorating or anything but I'm gonna make an honest try at this!
I made these trick or treat bags a few days ago for a swap I'm in. I still think they need something but the things I had tried didn't really work because theres so many colors and patterns. Even plain like this I like them but trying to think of something else... I have one more thing to try but gotta stop off at good ole Michael's first! lol

This morning we went shopping for some goodies to go into the bags. Fun stuff! but they only had Halloween stuff, not fall stuff.

Then after school today Kaitlyn made some orange playdoh! She had a blast and I was excited I actually had stuff to make it! That's a shocker! I never have everything to make anything! lol Here's my cute little chef in the cutest little aprons and chef hat found at the Target 1$ section! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that spot! hehe

Hope everyone had a wonderful first day of Fall! Did you do anything fun or special to break in the new season? Please share if you did!

PS. Kassel is doing GREAT sleeping in his own bed! He doesn't wake up at all! It's amazing! He wakes up about 6 or 7 and Ken gets him and brings him to our bed and he snuggles with me and sometimes goes back to sleep sometimes just lays there and talks to himself and sings or something. I'm kinda sad hes really out of our bed but its also nice to share the bed only with Ken.

As far as our crazy school schedule... its soon to change and I'm excited its going to be a normal schedule! YAY! Next week we start the new schedule and I hope it works out alot better for everyone. I'm just worried about the transition but Kaitlyn is usually so easy going and just goes with the flow and makes new friends easily so I'm hoping that continues! Cross your fingers for me!

Playdoh Recipe:
3c Flour
1 1/2 c Salt
3tsp Cream of Tartar
3tbs Oil
3c Water
Food coloring
Mix everything together in large sauce pan over med heat, keep stiring. Once it feels like playdoh turn off heat. Dump onto wax paper, let cool, then knead into dough. Done! Enjoy!

Chino Youth Museum

Last week we went to the Chino Youth Museum with the MOMS club. It was great! Alot smaller then the one in the desert but very cool and kept the kids entertained for awhile! Here's some pics from the trip...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Say what???

Kassel has really started talking lately!
He's been able to say: Mama, Daddy, Sissy, No, Out, Go, More, Baby, Uh-huh
I think that's about it!

Just this week he started saying: Meat, Remote, Ball, Whee, hair, nose, teeth... shoot I think there was more but I don't remember now!

No wonder!

No wonder we all have such Credit card problems and how easy it is to steal peoples credit cards! I went to the pet feeod store the other day and I slide my CC thru the machine, had my ID out and had the pen in hand waiting for the cashier to ask for my ID and have me sign..... she hands me the recipt and says "Thank You have a nice day!"


I looked at her all puzzled. She says if its under 25$ you dont need to sign!

OMG, is this a company rule? a Credit card company rule or what? Thats crazy! I myself w/ 2 hands full all day could do some MAJOR damage 25$ at a time, with no ID or signature! I was and still am in shock... this is just crazy!


Another OMG....
If you don't know already Ken works in Title insurance on the forclose side..... he was saying that there are people who have not paid their house payment in OVER a YEAR who who still has not been forclosed one!

WTH is that??

Gee, if it takes that long for people to get forclosed on just image how bad all those other people who have already gotten forclosed on were! And NOW.... the fed's just passed yet another law to stall the forcloser process.... make me wish I owned... knowing people don't need to pay for their house!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dissapearing Act! Catching up on everything...

I know! It's been awhile, what has been going on?? Well.... life! Plain and simple! this schedule is kicking my butt... even tho we ARE slowing getting used to it! Still haven't figured out the whole nap thing for Kassel on MWF but besides that getting into the swing of things!

Kaitlyn had home work last week. For her T/TH class at CC she brought it home and we worked thru it. She LOVES homework.... not sure if shes really my kid! Then on Friday we got home from OB and we washed the car since Kassel was asleep so I just let him sleep while I washed it! Then he was STILL asleep, so I opened all the car doors and I hung out in the garage checking out my message boards! Kaitlyn asked if she could do her homework, I told her to wait until I was about to come in and help her with it. Ten minutes later she comes out to show me she finished her homework! It was probably 5 pages front and back and she did it ALL without any help! There was 2 things that she didn't do exactly what the directions asked but OMG she's 4! Isn't homework supposed to be challenging? I wonder if theres a Kindergartner that we can steal their homework!

~~~~HUGE NEWS!!!!!~~~~~

Kassel has been sleeping in his OWN BED! Those of you who don't know me personally don't know how HUGE this is! Kaitlyn wasn't out of our bed until AFTER Kassel was born, like months after Kassel was born! So yea Ken and I haven't had our bed to ourselves in what 4 1/2 years! I bought him a glow worm hoping he would snuggle with that and light up so he wasn't in the dark if /when he wakes in the night. I had been wanting to try but I could not find the mattress pad for the crib mattress so I finally broke down and bought one (yes I know it didn't NEED one but it just felt yucky w/o) That night I tried to get him to sleep in it. I laid him down and laid down with him, then slowly inched out, which happens to be very difficult on that bed because every move makes a noisy! BUT..... IT WORKED! He woke up about 3am and I was so tired I just grabbed him and brought him to bed!

Night #1

Night #2

He walked himself to bed! He knows it bedtime after we read in sissy's room and give her a hug and kiss then its off to bed.. he started walking to our bed. I said "wait Bubba, aren't you going to sleep in your bed?" Then he stopped and turned around and crawled up into his own bed! Ken was watching and saying how cute it is! He asked Kassel, "Is this your bed? Your going to sleep here?" Kassel says "Uh-huh" with his high pitched 'huh', SO DARN CUTE!!! Then this night I sat on the floor by his bed and he fell asleep! He woke up about midnight and I got him back to sleep by making the glow worm sing to him. then he woke up about 6am or so and ken brought him to bed with me! Progress!
*Disclaimer, Kaitlyn put that thing on the glow worm to make it into a mermaid! lol*

He has done GREAT since! 4 nights so far! YAY!!!!

Saturday we went to the Northrop Grumman (not sure I spelled that right but they make satellites) annual fair. Ken's best friend works there and was gracious enough to bring us as his guest. They do some tours and exhibits and also just a huge fair with free rides and food, ice cream, give away all that great stuff! Kaitlyn got to go on her first roller coaster! Big stuff for this little girl! She went on the rides ALL on her own! What a big girl she has become!

She went on a roller coaster (shes in the first car)...

The pirate ship ride....

and a rocket ship one...

and the Ferris wheel...
She loved them all!OK, maybe she is my kid!

Kassel went us too, and had fun yet couldn't go on any rides. He did get to hang out in the SWAT Hummer tho!

And got a whole ice cream all to himself, that YES of course got ALL over his shirt and was the stickiest boy alive! SO nasty! Thanks Dad!

Then not even 5 minutes on the freeway look what happened....

So that was our adventurous weekend! We went to the park on Sunday and just hung out and tried to get random stuff done. Monday was back to grind of that crazy schedule! And a MOMS club meeting!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Kait- "Daddy look what we found... a dead butterfly! Mommy saved him!
Daddy-"Mommy saved him from...???"

A day later...
Kait- "Mommy when is that dead butterfly gonna feel better?"

So cute and so inocent

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homework! Part 3

Homework from Mama's Losin' It!....

Here are the prompts:

1.) Write about a brief, but scary encounter with one of your old professors or teachers.

2.) If I had the power to change something I would change...

3.) You are 20 years in the future, write a letter to your todays self.

I'm totally drawing a blank for #1, #2 I probably wouldn't be anything worth while so I'll just skip it.... So that leaves me with #3

Katrina, Enjoy the babies being babies, Enjoy the babies wanting to be with or on you all the time, take time to keep a strong relationship with hubby, find things that YOU enjoy besides things with the kids, KEEP the friendships that you make, DON'T be afraid to make new friends, Stop spending so much money on scrapbook supplies, use up what you have! GET FIT! Don't let hubby hold you back from anything you really wanna do. Just try to slow down and enjoy every moment of life that you have, even if its not all that great you will still look back and want to relive them. Journal more about your feelings on your scrapbook pages, not just names and dates and locations, put some feeling in them and get them in albums! Stay young, stay happy and be yourself!

Nice Impression...... NOT!

OK, So I finally got the nerve up to go meet the MOM's Club. Of course Kaitlyn woke up late, so were running around like crazy, were late, were late! I run in and grab some jeans and T shirt, get the kids dressed and were out! I should have known there was a problem.... the jeans fit too well! So, we get there 40 mins late but oh well, right? Therese still people there, I meet a few ladies from the group I would be in I joined and I saw my friend from the other group. So the kids are playing and playing, I'm chasing Kassel around, talking to a few of the ladies.... Then everyone is pretty much gone. My friend, one other lady and us. Were getting ready to leave and my friend says "Is that a patch on your jeans or are they ripped?"
OMG!!!!!!!! I have one pair of jeans that have this huge rip on the butt. For some reason I haven't got rid of them thinking I'm going to do something like make those cute jean purses with them... but for some reason they keep making it into my closet! SO..... yea! The whole time I'm there my butt is hanging out of my jeans! I mean theres the small thread across the hole but pretty much if you looked you could see my panties! And to make it worse they weren't even the cute panties! UGH.
So yea, I made a GREAT impression on the Mom's club! NOT!!! I'm SO embarrassed!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Fragments

Yep, I'm copying someone else ideas! lol
Small tidbits from this week....

Monday- Holiday! WooHoo! Ken was home, how nice!

Tuesday- Kait at CC school in morning

Wed- Kait at OB school in afternoon, HATE changing schedules evey day! KAssel was NOT a happy camper geting only 1 hour nap and waking up to get sissy! AND being late to get her! Splash park that she wasnt even excited about! Got new carseat in! YAY!!

Thurs- Kait at CC school in morning, CHIPOTLE! Checked on Iasgenix order.

Friday- Kait at OB school in afternoon, director says how lovely Kaitlyn is at school and how shes always happy! YAY! Too bad she doesnt keep that up when she gets home! WTH?!?

Sat- Scrap, out to lunch, scrap..... Ahhhh a nice day! Ordered Kassels paty supplies.

Sun- hmmm probably same of nothing!

PLans for next week-
1. Try not to die w/ this crappy schedule!
2. Order bounce house
3. Come up with something cool for dd to take to school for 'A'
4. *Maybe* meet with the moms club
5. Call dr if Kassel's rash isn't gone
plus all the other daily crap!

PSA- Car seats!

Recently I have had a few conversations with people who's child had outgrown their car seat. I remember when Kaitlyn first started growing out of her car seat and I was SO worried she would have to move into a booster. I really don't like boosters and don't think they are good for 3, 4 or even 5 year olds! I did my research and thanks to a good friend Shannon, I found there are bigger car seats that will keep your child incredibly safe in a harness! Your more than likely not gonna find them at Walmart or Target and I don't think Babies or Toys R us carrys them in the store BUT the Britax Regent is what I have and LOVE it!

This seat goes from 22 pounds to 80 pounds! That's right 80 pounds! The seated height is from 12 to 20 inches. The top slot for the strap is right about where Kaitlyn's head is right now! PLENTY of room for growth! Now there's no fancy cup holders or lights (what IS that about?) BUT it IS big and safe and comfortable! I have not been able to find a seat with as much padding as the Britax, and believe me I looked around! I truly believe that the kids should be as comfortable as possible in their car seat. I don't wanna sit on hard plastic why should I make my kid, right?
Anyways, I just thought that if I had a few people IRL talk about moving their child into a booster and I was able to show them the difference in safety and comfort then maybe you out there in blog land might get something out of this too!
PLEASE do your research and look around before utting your child into a booster! This seat will last Kaitlyn until shes about 8 years old! Amazon and other places usually has them for 250$ and free shipping! I just got my second one this week! Keep those kiddos safe!
*There are other seats that also fit bigger kids, this was the one I chose, PLEASE do your research when it comes to your childs safety!*

Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day at the other Preschool!

Not like it was that big of a deal for her but it was her first day of the fall semester at OB school. She was very excited but yet kinda confused on why she goes in the afternoon. believe me girl I tried to not have you go in the afternoon! She was so eager to go she wouldn't even wait for me and Kassel!

She actually let me take a picture once we got into the building, and its so funny that it happened to be right by the bulletin board for her class with her teachers name!

She got there and just started playing and was fine the whole day!

She LOVES her school! BOTH of them! It might end up killing me but she loves it so...


The last few days the kids have been snugly for some reason and it seriously just melts my heart when I see it! Here's 2 different times that they were snuggling watching shows...Awww Aren't they just SO darn sweet together??

Another Hair Cut

OK, I am the last person who should be cutting any ones hair! BUT with that said... we cut Kassel's hair again! It was another traumatic experience! It's not perfect but its better then it was! Here he is after the cutting was done and I think he was more upset he had hair on his hands (he doesn't like to be dirty) but he was so upset about it!

Here he is after the shower and he got a cookie! lol

He must feel cooler tho, so who cares what it looks like right?? Right?? OK, No I know, I need to find someone who can fix it now! lol

Thursday, September 4, 2008



OMG, I just noticed how boring my blog had been this week.... NO pictures! Well as you know its thursday and so..... It's Chipotle Night! YAY!!! The one night a week I look forward to! And guess what? Ken calls when he should be home and says he's working late! AAGGHHHHH!!! Im hungry man! ANYWAYS.... Just wanted to leave you all with a picrure for your enjoyment and so you all dont fall asleep while visiting my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

And because im SO very excited to see Mr Happy, Miss Attitude etc all comming back here's Mr Funny! Check out the Target 1$ section for more Mr happy and Friends!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Late Homework!

OK, So I didn't get all my homework done last night. Done and late is better then not done at all right?
Well, I loved the prompt to write a letter to your 10 year old self. I've read a few others that have done it and my reason for not doing it last night was frankly because I don't remember much from back then! But I will try! OK, so I would have been in 5th grade. Hmmm I think that was Ms McDonald class? Not positive on that one!School, Girl scouts and friends that was the life! What I would tell me back then....

STOP telling your friends you wont be friends with them anymore! Because 22 years later your STILL friends with some of them! All it does it hurt everyone and no good comes out of it! STOP IT!

ENJOY Mom being so overly involved in everything! You will treasure those memories and one day strive to be like her!

Don't try to grow up too fast, being a grown up isn't all its cracked up to be! Enjoy having fun!

Don't be too embarrassed by Mom's red van with the polka dot interior, one day your gonna think its pretty cool and miss that van because it was all mom!

Be careful around all of dads cars! 2 of them burned your leg, and I'm sure there was other incidents that I have sense blacked out!

BEG Mom and Dad to not get rid of the Odiemobile!!!! LOVED that car!

Enjoy every moment you have with Mom, they will soon be a memory!

DON'T date ANYONE younger then you!

DON'T go to a hockey game!

Have fun!

Don't loose your attitude, stick to your guns, your gut instinct, whatever you wanna call it stick with it and DONT EVER change for anyone else.... Just..... BE YOU!!!!

HATE my camera!

Anyone out there have a suggestion for a new camera? I NEED one that has a FAST, Like SUPER FAST shutter speed. I NEVER cature that one instant that Kaitlyn humors me and looks at me! lol Not to mention just never having the settings right.
I need one that is easy to use and doesnt along time to learn. Sturdy, with 2 kids and 2 hands I may need to surgically attach another hand to hold onto the camera because yea sometimes it makes contact with the ground! I also need it to be easy to get the pictures off the camera!
A friend of mine has a Cannon Rebel. Another friend swears by her Nikon.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Tonight's homework from Mama's Losin it
She gave us SO much homework tonight I dunno if I'll be able to get it all done but I will try!

1.) Write a letter to the 10-year-old child you had been.

2.) How is life different for your children than when you were growing up?

3.) Name three people you last emailed and why.

and an extra late add on

4.) Write a short essay about your child (and if you have more than one just choose your favorite and if you don't have kids than just talk about your pet and if you don't have a pet just talk about your significant other and if you don't have a significant other than FREAK! Pick one of the other prompts this one is clearly not for you. ps go adopt a cat for crying out loud the humane society is overflowing with them.).

OK, and with that I'm off to work on my homework!

#3- My last emails were to Julie, Erica and Paula

Julie is a friend I met WAY back when. We were both engaged when we met and got married 2 weeks apart from each other. We had alot of fun planning some of our wedding stuff together and of course SHOPPING! Ahhh that LA trip was fun! Anyways, fast forward 6 years later..... we kinda lost touch this last year with her having a child and me, well... just trying to keep my head from spinning off! We are actually have both our sons birthday parties the same weekend, trying to make it so we both can go to both of them... so lng story short the email was checking on dates and time for the birthday parties!

Erica, one of my close friends from Jr High (can you beleive it JR HIGH school)! I wont even say how many years ago that was! lol We were trying to arrange a girls night out, and also talking about Kassel's birthday party date.

Paula, Im trying to convince someone else to join the MOMS club with me so we were talking about the schedule they have for Sept and how it doesnt work for her, BUMMER! Im just such a chicken to meet new people I was hoping someone else would go with me! lol I know cheesy but oh well, thats me! lol

Ok, so that was the easy one...

Well, biggest thing is TECHNOLOGY!! Computers, phones, video games, etc. Kaitlyn knows how work the cell phone, yea even my Blackberry! Go figure huh? She works on the computer ALL the time! She has always loved her leapsters and Vtech's. When yea they teach the kids alot, im not one for the midless video games just the educational ones. BUT they take their imagingation away from them. Or maybe they just dont know how to use it! I remember playing OUTSIDE ALL the time! Creating camps and towns and just anything! The kids now days would rather play inside with a computer or a game than get outside and RUN! I know I am half to blame for it and we DO spend alot of time outside but sometimes I have to drag them outside!
There's LOTS of other things that are different but that was the main one I think that has really changed out childrens way of growing up. Theres also the crime, I used to be able to ride my bike across town but there no way in heck I'd let my kids do that now! TOO many wack jobs out there!! Same with playing out front, I would NEVER let my kids play in the front yard w/o me sitting right there watching them. Money, I think its harder and harder for people to have a stay at home parent, and that of course changes the family dinamics. I could go on and on but Kens bugging me to do something so I will be back to try to finish the homework later