Friday, September 19, 2008

No wonder!

No wonder we all have such Credit card problems and how easy it is to steal peoples credit cards! I went to the pet feeod store the other day and I slide my CC thru the machine, had my ID out and had the pen in hand waiting for the cashier to ask for my ID and have me sign..... she hands me the recipt and says "Thank You have a nice day!"


I looked at her all puzzled. She says if its under 25$ you dont need to sign!

OMG, is this a company rule? a Credit card company rule or what? Thats crazy! I myself w/ 2 hands full all day could do some MAJOR damage 25$ at a time, with no ID or signature! I was and still am in shock... this is just crazy!


Another OMG....
If you don't know already Ken works in Title insurance on the forclose side..... he was saying that there are people who have not paid their house payment in OVER a YEAR who who still has not been forclosed one!

WTH is that??

Gee, if it takes that long for people to get forclosed on just image how bad all those other people who have already gotten forclosed on were! And NOW.... the fed's just passed yet another law to stall the forcloser process.... make me wish I owned... knowing people don't need to pay for their house!


Rachel said...

I am right there with you sista about the CC...Subway is a big signing needed UGH...what's next!