Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day at the other Preschool!

Not like it was that big of a deal for her but it was her first day of the fall semester at OB school. She was very excited but yet kinda confused on why she goes in the afternoon. believe me girl I tried to not have you go in the afternoon! She was so eager to go she wouldn't even wait for me and Kassel!

She actually let me take a picture once we got into the building, and its so funny that it happened to be right by the bulletin board for her class with her teachers name!

She got there and just started playing and was fine the whole day!

She LOVES her school! BOTH of them! It might end up killing me but she loves it so...


Bonnie said...

She is so cute. Hope you can handle the schedule. LOL funny but i just did Meghan's hair like that the other day, only she made me leave the back down. :)