Thursday, September 4, 2008



OMG, I just noticed how boring my blog had been this week.... NO pictures! Well as you know its thursday and so..... It's Chipotle Night! YAY!!! The one night a week I look forward to! And guess what? Ken calls when he should be home and says he's working late! AAGGHHHHH!!! Im hungry man! ANYWAYS.... Just wanted to leave you all with a picrure for your enjoyment and so you all dont fall asleep while visiting my blog! Thanks for stopping by!

And because im SO very excited to see Mr Happy, Miss Attitude etc all comming back here's Mr Funny! Check out the Target 1$ section for more Mr happy and Friends!



I love, love, LOVE Chipotle! What do you order there?
I also love that Target dollar section! I like to send my stepson little fun care packages and most of my goodies come from there.