Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nice Impression...... NOT!

OK, So I finally got the nerve up to go meet the MOM's Club. Of course Kaitlyn woke up late, so were running around like crazy, were late, were late! I run in and grab some jeans and T shirt, get the kids dressed and were out! I should have known there was a problem.... the jeans fit too well! So, we get there 40 mins late but oh well, right? Therese still people there, I meet a few ladies from the group I would be in I joined and I saw my friend from the other group. So the kids are playing and playing, I'm chasing Kassel around, talking to a few of the ladies.... Then everyone is pretty much gone. My friend, one other lady and us. Were getting ready to leave and my friend says "Is that a patch on your jeans or are they ripped?"
OMG!!!!!!!! I have one pair of jeans that have this huge rip on the butt. For some reason I haven't got rid of them thinking I'm going to do something like make those cute jean purses with them... but for some reason they keep making it into my closet! SO..... yea! The whole time I'm there my butt is hanging out of my jeans! I mean theres the small thread across the hole but pretty much if you looked you could see my panties! And to make it worse they weren't even the cute panties! UGH.
So yea, I made a GREAT impression on the Mom's club! NOT!!! I'm SO embarrassed!


Ryan and Melanie said...

Crack me up! I am so sorry but that is too funny. That would totally happen to me! Did you like the people?


At least you're memorable! ;o)