Monday, September 15, 2008

Dissapearing Act! Catching up on everything...

I know! It's been awhile, what has been going on?? Well.... life! Plain and simple! this schedule is kicking my butt... even tho we ARE slowing getting used to it! Still haven't figured out the whole nap thing for Kassel on MWF but besides that getting into the swing of things!

Kaitlyn had home work last week. For her T/TH class at CC she brought it home and we worked thru it. She LOVES homework.... not sure if shes really my kid! Then on Friday we got home from OB and we washed the car since Kassel was asleep so I just let him sleep while I washed it! Then he was STILL asleep, so I opened all the car doors and I hung out in the garage checking out my message boards! Kaitlyn asked if she could do her homework, I told her to wait until I was about to come in and help her with it. Ten minutes later she comes out to show me she finished her homework! It was probably 5 pages front and back and she did it ALL without any help! There was 2 things that she didn't do exactly what the directions asked but OMG she's 4! Isn't homework supposed to be challenging? I wonder if theres a Kindergartner that we can steal their homework!

~~~~HUGE NEWS!!!!!~~~~~

Kassel has been sleeping in his OWN BED! Those of you who don't know me personally don't know how HUGE this is! Kaitlyn wasn't out of our bed until AFTER Kassel was born, like months after Kassel was born! So yea Ken and I haven't had our bed to ourselves in what 4 1/2 years! I bought him a glow worm hoping he would snuggle with that and light up so he wasn't in the dark if /when he wakes in the night. I had been wanting to try but I could not find the mattress pad for the crib mattress so I finally broke down and bought one (yes I know it didn't NEED one but it just felt yucky w/o) That night I tried to get him to sleep in it. I laid him down and laid down with him, then slowly inched out, which happens to be very difficult on that bed because every move makes a noisy! BUT..... IT WORKED! He woke up about 3am and I was so tired I just grabbed him and brought him to bed!

Night #1

Night #2

He walked himself to bed! He knows it bedtime after we read in sissy's room and give her a hug and kiss then its off to bed.. he started walking to our bed. I said "wait Bubba, aren't you going to sleep in your bed?" Then he stopped and turned around and crawled up into his own bed! Ken was watching and saying how cute it is! He asked Kassel, "Is this your bed? Your going to sleep here?" Kassel says "Uh-huh" with his high pitched 'huh', SO DARN CUTE!!! Then this night I sat on the floor by his bed and he fell asleep! He woke up about midnight and I got him back to sleep by making the glow worm sing to him. then he woke up about 6am or so and ken brought him to bed with me! Progress!
*Disclaimer, Kaitlyn put that thing on the glow worm to make it into a mermaid! lol*

He has done GREAT since! 4 nights so far! YAY!!!!

Saturday we went to the Northrop Grumman (not sure I spelled that right but they make satellites) annual fair. Ken's best friend works there and was gracious enough to bring us as his guest. They do some tours and exhibits and also just a huge fair with free rides and food, ice cream, give away all that great stuff! Kaitlyn got to go on her first roller coaster! Big stuff for this little girl! She went on the rides ALL on her own! What a big girl she has become!

She went on a roller coaster (shes in the first car)...

The pirate ship ride....

and a rocket ship one...

and the Ferris wheel...
She loved them all!OK, maybe she is my kid!

Kassel went us too, and had fun yet couldn't go on any rides. He did get to hang out in the SWAT Hummer tho!

And got a whole ice cream all to himself, that YES of course got ALL over his shirt and was the stickiest boy alive! SO nasty! Thanks Dad!

Then not even 5 minutes on the freeway look what happened....

So that was our adventurous weekend! We went to the park on Sunday and just hung out and tried to get random stuff done. Monday was back to grind of that crazy schedule! And a MOMS club meeting!


Rachel said...

Wow looks like you had a great time!
The sleeping thing is tough, my son loved to sleep with us, my girl hated it until she got about 2, now her and her brother sleep's awesome...our bed is just for us!! Great job...i found routine works the best doing the same thing each night...keep us posted!

Rhonda said...

I am very fortunate. I can NOT sleep when I have a little one in the bed with me. They grunt and groan and kick. Nope. Can't do it.

I didn't even use a bassinet by the bed because of my noisy little sleepers. They went straight into the crib from day one.

And, although I missed the snuggles that come with a family bed, I didn't have to break those bad habits.

Of course, I am not without my kid troubles. I have a very insistent thumb-sucker. She doesn't mind the icky stuff. Hairspray is okay on there, she just wipes it off. She got OFF bug spray on her thumb when we were camping once and hated it, but I haven't succumbed to that sort of desperation yet. although I have threatened! lol "Do I need to get the bug spray????"

Tucker Family said...

Looks like fun. I love it when they crash like that.