Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad Blogger

Man, i guess I'm really not good at this blogging thing.... i just cant keep this thing up to date!
Well this weekend was a busy one with a online crop i helped host, an unexpected trip to the theater to see Wicked!, and meeting with the in-laws. The crop was awesome and turned out real well, not this coming weekend theres a crop on ACOT which will be cool if i have a chance to do any of it. Wicked was AWESOME!!! LOVED the story, made me laugh and cry, she really was just misunderstood! Lunch and checking out the ice rink with the in-laws was cool too!
That's all the recent stuff! Still hoping to get pics posted from Kauai, and I have more Scrap stuff to post! oh yea and my Journal Jar questions too, but those are on the computer Ken's hogging right now! I'm off to bed!

oh and if anyone is interested in the Scrapbooking retreat im hosting in Aug in the San Berndino Mountains contact me!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scrapbook stuff

Ok, I was trying to keep scrapbook stuff off this board but i really feel like this blog is missing a part of me... besides being all tricked out which i dont know how to do. Scrapbook is my passion. Its was I do to relax and have fun and even w/ the kids screaming and pulling on me it still feels like ME TIME and i enjoy it and especially love the idea of teh kids having these books when im not around anymore and learn about themselves as well as about me, so i've decided to add my SB stuff here too. Not everything because it would seriously take over but im going to try to share a few of each batch i make

Heres 2 things i threw together for classes im teaching..

As far as Scrapbooking i havent done much at all for like a month because its been too crazy but i did these the other night...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Journal Jar

For Christmas I made my dad and step mom a Journal Jar. Its a jar filled w/ 365 questions, to pick and answer one each day and a nice journal to write their answers in. I LOVE this idea but i SO dont nee more stuff laying around the house so on on Scrapbook board i started a Cyber Journal Jar and have been trying to answer a question a day along w/ others on the board. I plan on scrapping the questions and answers by month to go in my AAM album (All About Me) so the kids can learn about me when im long gone... so im going to try to start posting them here maybe that will keep me on it! Lets see..

April 16- Describe your 1st home as a young couple.
Our first apartment together were in Sierra Del Oro (sub division of Corona) it was a real cute pretty big one bedroom that Ken was living in and I decided to move in with him.
Our first home as a Maried couple was a real cute OK size 1 bedroom in Anaheim Hills. We moved in the day we got home from our honeymoon! I lived it but it was SO noisy because it was right up the hill from that darn 91 fwy! We couldnt have our back door or windows open or else all you could hear was the freeway traffic!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


We're finally home! No we didnt want to come home but yet it is nice to be home! We had a pretty good flight home. We all sat together and were in the aconomy plus or whatever its called w/ the 5 extra inches on leg room, Man could i have used it on the going flight! Kids slept most the flight which was nice but i was freezing and since kassel was asleep in my arms I couldnt get anything warmer on! oh well, the fligt had just a tad of turbulance nothing bad at all. We landed about 5:10 am and got the stuff and found the shuttle to the parkign lot, got screwed the parking rates 80$ crazy! Then stopped over at Nora's to get the dogs, yea it was a FULL car, we were all in the PT! lol We got home, kids stayed asleep, ken and I ate some breakfast then took a much needed nap. Kassel didnt feel like sleeping for to long which SUCKS but oh well. they played outside for awhile and ken set up the tiny baby pool because its so hot out! Hopefully they get tired soon so we can all take another nap! Ken has to do taxes today and then get back to work tomorrow! Its going to be an interesting week or two at work. Hopefully they really missed him while he was gone!
Ok, im rambling and yet about to fall asleep on the computer so im off! BBL to do pictures!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Yes we made it to Kauai and have been having a great time! I havent had a chance to post any pictures. I DID have to fly all the way with the two kids bymyself, we couldnt sit together HUGE bummer!! But the kids did suprisingly well! Mom on the other hand not so well! Even with the one drink i got on the plane it was still difficult. Not to mention when we were taking off the pilot told us that the first hour or so so be smooth but after that prepare for some bad turbulance, GREAT! I dont like flying, then having the 2 of them myself and NOW dealing w/ turbulance! NOT fun! and it was pretty bad! Its so hard twlling the kids its going to be ok when im about to crap my pants! lol ya know? Anyways... We leave tomorrow night and get back to CA at 5AM sunday morning. I hope to be able to update soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Preschool Already??

Well, Kaitlyn is now officially signed up for preschool for the summer and fall semester. I was really excited about it before thinking how nice it will have only Kassel for awhile and can get more stuff done. But lately I've been really bummed about the idea of her gone. I was kinda hoping we wouldnt get her in to school, how bad is that? I know this will be great for her and shes just So darn excited its cute. Im just sad im loosing my baby, and the thought that she will be in school from now until she moves out is a real scary thought!
Anyways, she will be attending Olive Branch Preschool MWF mornings for the summer program and MWF afternoon for the Fall semester. Angela's daughter, Ashely will be attending the summer program so that will be good for the girls. Im glad im super busy getting ready for vacation or else i would be even more bummed about it. I know when the times comes to actually take her and LEAVE her at school it will be real hard... ugh!
We're also still considering putting her in 2 days a week at the same preschool i went to, just because it would so cool for her to go to the same school, also because its a great school. But that would mean every day of the week! Waa Waa