Sunday, April 13, 2008


We're finally home! No we didnt want to come home but yet it is nice to be home! We had a pretty good flight home. We all sat together and were in the aconomy plus or whatever its called w/ the 5 extra inches on leg room, Man could i have used it on the going flight! Kids slept most the flight which was nice but i was freezing and since kassel was asleep in my arms I couldnt get anything warmer on! oh well, the fligt had just a tad of turbulance nothing bad at all. We landed about 5:10 am and got the stuff and found the shuttle to the parkign lot, got screwed the parking rates 80$ crazy! Then stopped over at Nora's to get the dogs, yea it was a FULL car, we were all in the PT! lol We got home, kids stayed asleep, ken and I ate some breakfast then took a much needed nap. Kassel didnt feel like sleeping for to long which SUCKS but oh well. they played outside for awhile and ken set up the tiny baby pool because its so hot out! Hopefully they get tired soon so we can all take another nap! Ken has to do taxes today and then get back to work tomorrow! Its going to be an interesting week or two at work. Hopefully they really missed him while he was gone!
Ok, im rambling and yet about to fall asleep on the computer so im off! BBL to do pictures!