Friday, April 11, 2008


Yes we made it to Kauai and have been having a great time! I havent had a chance to post any pictures. I DID have to fly all the way with the two kids bymyself, we couldnt sit together HUGE bummer!! But the kids did suprisingly well! Mom on the other hand not so well! Even with the one drink i got on the plane it was still difficult. Not to mention when we were taking off the pilot told us that the first hour or so so be smooth but after that prepare for some bad turbulance, GREAT! I dont like flying, then having the 2 of them myself and NOW dealing w/ turbulance! NOT fun! and it was pretty bad! Its so hard twlling the kids its going to be ok when im about to crap my pants! lol ya know? Anyways... We leave tomorrow night and get back to CA at 5AM sunday morning. I hope to be able to update soon.