Tuesday, April 13, 2010


OK, yea I feel I've finally came to the point where I can openly admit I should be admitted! If I wasn't busy enough with Girl Scouts, Passion Party, being homeroom mom, and typical everyday tasks of being a SAHM of two and wife. We have decided we are going to home school next year. Yep you heard that right, I'm going to home school! Eeek!!! We have been sweeping this idea under the rug long enough and it finally came to the point where we had to seriously look into it. Now, don't get me wrong I LOVE and I mean really LOVE her school! Frankly we just can't afford the tuition anymore, it honestly breaks my heart. We are all really looking forward to our new adventure! I know it wont be easy and I know there will be points where I will regret this decision but I'm Really hoping overall we end up loving it!
I have 2 cyber friends that homeschool, one local friend who homeschools and I have come to find more acquaintances that do too! So I should be able to do it and have some assistance if I need it! We are planning on using a charter school called CAVA here in CA. Its a state run accredited charter school. I am still looking around to see other options to make sure I made the right decision on that. The beauty of homeschooling is that if it doesn't work we can change programs until we find one!
I'm not sure if I want to home school Kassel for preschool or send him to a preschool. Right now I think that all depends on finances. I would love for him to go to the same school that Kaitlyn and I went to, family tradition and all ya know? :)
So yea.. that's one of those huge things that have been putting even more undue stress on me, on top of the million other things!

PS. If you homeschool I'd love to hear from you! Any tips?

Finally got some love!

Kassel is always such a sweet boy BUT the past month or so he's been teasing me alot. I would tell him I love him and he would say "I no love you" I know he's just playing and teasing me because he says it with a big ole smile BUT it still hurts! I would give him a kiss and he wouldnt give me one back. Breaks mommies heart! Well yesterday he was my little snuggle bunny once again! He told me loved me many times, gave me random hugs and kisses! I LOVED IT!! Maybe he was just making me wait so I would appreciate them even more! I just had to share! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today was such a special day! Kaitlyn and I went and enjoyed a great service at church first this thing morning. Then we rushed home to finish getting ready for my sisters family. They came over and we had a wonderful relaxing afternoon chatting, laughing and of course eating and sipping (ok, downing) Mimosa's! The kids colored some Easter Eggs, they did their Easter Egg hunt and then they finally opened their Easter basket!

After that I enjoyed a much needed nap while snuggling with my munchkins. Then got woken up by being asked if we felt the big earthquake. Well, being a So-Cal kid I'm pretty immune to most earthquakes, and so the answer is no. I did not feel the earthquake. I've been keeping track of this cool site that shows all the recent earthquakes, and its so interesting. I just checked a few minutes ago to find out there was another not too long ago. I guess it was like a 3.2 about 20 minutes or so away. Nop, didn't feel it!
Then it was time to head to the in-laws where I got to meet my brother-in-laws new baby! He is such a cute BIG baby! I was in love! His name is Buddy and he is an English and American Bulldog mix. So Adorable! We hung out with the puppy for awhile then went in to enjoy some grub and a movie. Then we sat in traffic on the way home! Joys! We are home, kids crashed and I'm not too far behind them!
Today was such a nice relaxing day. I hope everyone had a very special day!
Much loves!
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