Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scrapbook pages

I just have to share a few of my favorite pages from this last week...
This one is my absolute favorite right now. It is a 'scraplift' (copying someone scrapbook page)of a friend of mine from one of my Sb boards Erica, she does awesome work!

I have never scrapped a 8x10 pic before but I LOVE it! I will defiantly be doing this again! Love how this one turned out!

This one has a great story w/ it. Well, besides the fact that we had a fun day at the park w/ friends. I had Kaitlyn write "Me and Jayden" as the title of the page. She usually write alot better but oh well.... besides the point. the next day Kaitlyn was coloring and writing her letters like she does alot. Then she asks "Mommy, whats the next line?" I had no idea what she was talking about soI ask her what? She repeats herself. Then I ask to see what she has on her paper... she had written "Me and" and was asking what the next line was!!! OMG I was in shock! I mean she knows most her letters and how to draw them but she REMEMBERED the letters and what it said! WOW! I was SO excited thats so cool! So heres the lo...

This lo is a sketch by Jodie (blog linked on right) Thanks Jodie for a great sketch! I LOVE this lo too!

Thanks for looking!
I LOVE comments on my blog! Please let me know if you stop by!

Swim Pictures!

Here's some pics I promised THANK YOU so much Melanie for taking some pics! I REALLY appreciate it! Kaitlyn doing her back float

Kaitlyn swimming.. not that you can her doing it w/ all the splashes! lol But she's really going somewhere!

Smile everyone!

I am So proud of these girls they are doing SO good! Great job Kaitlyn and Mckena!

Cards Anyone?

I have recently started getting into the habit of making a card or two with the scraps from my scrapbook pages.... but I can't use that many cards! lol So... To all my local family and friends, Do you or anyone you know might be interested in buying handmade cards? I usually do a variety of bday, Thanks or blank ones. Ofcourse if someone wanted a bunch on one thing or something else specific that I didnt say I'd be more then willing to do that too. I know alot of people sell handmade cards on ebay and etsy but I dont wanna make a business or even go to the hassle of setting up an online store, but if I know someone local who would like to buy cards I'd love it! It might cover my adhesive expence! lol BTW, its been along time since i bought a card at the store but i looked at Target today and OMG cards cost up to like 6$! Crazy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Swimming fools!

OMG Im SO excited! Today the girls totally TOOK OFF and were swimming on their own! AMAZING what just ... what? Two weeks? Completely amazing! Kaitlyn and Mckena are both doing SO great! Im so excited!!! Hopefully I will have pics to post in the next couple days! Now, we need to just make sure they let us know before they just start swimming because they are still only going a couple feet, but really compared to what they were doing before, crying, making excuses, saying "I dont want to", "I cant" etc Its amazing to see such a huge change in their ability and outlook on swimming!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More of Less or Less of More

I have always been a more of less kinda girl.
I dont unbderstand the people who get LV purses (no offence if your one of those people), I would much rather have 100 10$ purses than one 1000$ purse! Kids clothes or shoes... Im all about target or walmart and hand-me-downs, not because Im poor and cant afford better but because they grow out and get them dirty so fast that I would rather have more of cheaper clothes then just a few of the expensive brands. Yes theres certain brands that I really like and would splurge on.

But my question to you... anyone who comes and reads my blog weather i know you or not... let me know More of Less or Less of More??

The day of all days...

Today has been a very emotional day for me. Not sure exactly why but it has. Got woke up at 5 am by the kids wrestling on my head... maybe that's why! So yea I didn't get the greatest start. I had a headache and just felt blah. Then get on the computer and chat with my Aunt Sandy and she happens to mention how much she misses my mom. That was just what i needed! lol I miss mom EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a day goes by that i think 'hmm, Im ok without her'. NOT ONE! It's so hard being a mom without a mom.
Then Kaitlyn decided to have the biggest meltdown EVER! It was horrible. I thought we would have to cancel swim lessons. Thank goodness she settled down and was ok to go to swim lessons.
I don't think I've mentioned before but a friend of mine Melanie (blog linked on right) has a daughter and a son just a bit younger thank Kaitlyn and Kassel and its SO cool becoming friends with someone who has children the same age as BOTH of mine! Anyways... once again I'm getting sidetracked, I can't follow one train of thought right now. SO anyways, I made a deal with Melanie that i would teach McKena and Kaitlyn if she could watch Kassel and Broady. What an awesome deal for both of us! Today was our second session. The water was really cold so we cut class a little short but both girls are doing good! After swimming we went over for a few minutes to see her house, its SO cute! It's nice seeing a house that's decorated! I havent been able to decorate the house, yes we moved in January! lol It just gets old moving and trying to decorate every year or so, so I haven't got to it yet!
Ok, Im not sure what this post was supposed to be able besides just my ramblings....

ETA- The day just got worse! Kassel slammed his finger in the sliding glass door! I saw it right before he did it and couldnt do anything about it! He DID hold his breath but not as bad as sometimes, go figure huh? It was bleeding instantly so i washed it and put pressure, got cold packs and kept pressure and cold pack on it. Screaming forever! Under his nail is filled with blood. It stopped bleeding but its still under his nail. He was NOT thrilled w/ the cold packs or the ice. He finally settled down a little bit and we took a shower and laid down and nursed him and he fell asleep. I know its going to mess up our evening routine but im hoping he will forget how bad it hurts. I caled Dr exchange and they said it could not be broked from an injury like that, which i dont know if i beleive. Said give him motrin for pain and ice as much as i can. The nail may fall off..... lovely! Did we already go thru this with Kaitlyn when she was about this age? Hers was SO much worse tho! And YES i still have my headache.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Second day of school

She did so well today! I was nervous, but had planned on a quick get away! She was saying she was going to miss me and that she would cry but i told her she better not! lol So we get there and she was super clingy, great! She went potty and then was clingy again, I had her put her lunch pail in her cubby and then the teacher got out play dough, she went to go play. Then I kissed her goodbye and she was fine! NO CRYING!! YAY!! Then I went to go check out Chapel and then came back and she was still fine! I was SO worried especially since Ashley wasnt in class yet, she didnt make a fuss! YAY! She is now eagerly waiting for Ashley to come get her and go play at Ashleys grandma's house! They should have fun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Day at Preschool!

Went pretty well. It went better than to be expected. I really thought she would be hysterical when we left. She was crying and hanging on to daddy (because I was hiding) The director tried to get her to play or go do something else but she wasnt having it. So she finally told Ken just to leave. I guess she hung on to the teacher for a little bit and cried for awhile but then slowly was ok. They had the bouce house today and she was excited about that and looked forward to the playground, so im sure that helped too! They came out tothe bounce house and she saw me in the car. I had told her ahead of time i would be in class for a bit and then in the parking lot for a little bit and then I would leave for awhile and be back to get her, so she saw me and yelled at me and waved. the director stopped her from comming to me and told her to go play and she did! Ashley is in her class and im sure that helped too. Finally Kassel got tired of sitting in the car so we left for Starbucks and then walked around Target for awhile and then went back. Im very proud of myself that I did NOT cry! When we went to get her she was excited to see us but she seamed very comfortable at school and was excited to show me what she did. she looks forward to going back on friday! I will be back later to add pictures if we got any decent ones (this new camera stinks!)

Ok, heres the pics, these girls are SO hard to get pics of them LOOKING at me! grrr
Here is Ashley and Kaitlyn when we meet in the parking lot before walking in.

Kaitlyn was eager to go in but i wanted some more pics, no very willing here, and yea i forgot to turn it and yep im too lazy to do it now! sorry!

Heres the girls walking into class...

Kaitlyn (and Kassel) starting to play...

And at the end of the day saying bye

Monday, June 2, 2008

Preschool Count Down Cont..

One more day before school starts. I starting to get really nervous and sad but yet i have plans for when shes gone! hehehe Not the first day of course, i will stick close by but once shes settled (hopefully that doesnt take long) then i have plans! Its just sad... once they start school they are in forever! Until they move out pretty much! They have so many great activities planned durring the summer so its going to be great fun and they better let me come and take lots of pictures! im glad were starting w/ summer session because they have all these great activities. Im hoping Ken can go into work late that day to meet the teacher and see her class and just be there for this important occasion!