Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The day of all days...

Today has been a very emotional day for me. Not sure exactly why but it has. Got woke up at 5 am by the kids wrestling on my head... maybe that's why! So yea I didn't get the greatest start. I had a headache and just felt blah. Then get on the computer and chat with my Aunt Sandy and she happens to mention how much she misses my mom. That was just what i needed! lol I miss mom EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a day goes by that i think 'hmm, Im ok without her'. NOT ONE! It's so hard being a mom without a mom.
Then Kaitlyn decided to have the biggest meltdown EVER! It was horrible. I thought we would have to cancel swim lessons. Thank goodness she settled down and was ok to go to swim lessons.
I don't think I've mentioned before but a friend of mine Melanie (blog linked on right) has a daughter and a son just a bit younger thank Kaitlyn and Kassel and its SO cool becoming friends with someone who has children the same age as BOTH of mine! Anyways... once again I'm getting sidetracked, I can't follow one train of thought right now. SO anyways, I made a deal with Melanie that i would teach McKena and Kaitlyn if she could watch Kassel and Broady. What an awesome deal for both of us! Today was our second session. The water was really cold so we cut class a little short but both girls are doing good! After swimming we went over for a few minutes to see her house, its SO cute! It's nice seeing a house that's decorated! I havent been able to decorate the house, yes we moved in January! lol It just gets old moving and trying to decorate every year or so, so I haven't got to it yet!
Ok, Im not sure what this post was supposed to be able besides just my ramblings....

ETA- The day just got worse! Kassel slammed his finger in the sliding glass door! I saw it right before he did it and couldnt do anything about it! He DID hold his breath but not as bad as sometimes, go figure huh? It was bleeding instantly so i washed it and put pressure, got cold packs and kept pressure and cold pack on it. Screaming forever! Under his nail is filled with blood. It stopped bleeding but its still under his nail. He was NOT thrilled w/ the cold packs or the ice. He finally settled down a little bit and we took a shower and laid down and nursed him and he fell asleep. I know its going to mess up our evening routine but im hoping he will forget how bad it hurts. I caled Dr exchange and they said it could not be broked from an injury like that, which i dont know if i beleive. Said give him motrin for pain and ice as much as i can. The nail may fall off..... lovely! Did we already go thru this with Kaitlyn when she was about this age? Hers was SO much worse tho! And YES i still have my headache.