Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cards Anyone?

I have recently started getting into the habit of making a card or two with the scraps from my scrapbook pages.... but I can't use that many cards! lol So... To all my local family and friends, Do you or anyone you know might be interested in buying handmade cards? I usually do a variety of bday, Thanks or blank ones. Ofcourse if someone wanted a bunch on one thing or something else specific that I didnt say I'd be more then willing to do that too. I know alot of people sell handmade cards on ebay and etsy but I dont wanna make a business or even go to the hassle of setting up an online store, but if I know someone local who would like to buy cards I'd love it! It might cover my adhesive expence! lol BTW, its been along time since i bought a card at the store but i looked at Target today and OMG cards cost up to like 6$! Crazy!