Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More of Less or Less of More

I have always been a more of less kinda girl.
I dont unbderstand the people who get LV purses (no offence if your one of those people), I would much rather have 100 10$ purses than one 1000$ purse! Kids clothes or shoes... Im all about target or walmart and hand-me-downs, not because Im poor and cant afford better but because they grow out and get them dirty so fast that I would rather have more of cheaper clothes then just a few of the expensive brands. Yes theres certain brands that I really like and would splurge on.

But my question to you... anyone who comes and reads my blog weather i know you or not... let me know More of Less or Less of More??


Ryan and Melanie said...

I am less of less...it bugs me to have piles and stuff everywhere. However, I realize that with two kids and two adults in a small house, things pile up quickly!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

LOL, less of less....Dont let her fool you guys her house is spotless!