Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Wordful Wednesday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!This is going to be a post full of pictures and well... words! lol This is a Thanksgiving card Kaitlyn made at CC school. Isn't it darling?
Wednesday we baked pumpkin muffins! I found the recipe Here, one of my FAV blogs if you haven't been able to tell so far! lol

She made the muffins for her Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday at OB school.
Here's the class saying their prayer before their feast. You can tell how many kids are paying attention huh? lol

Kassel was able to sit and eat with the big kids. All the kids love him and enjoyed him sitting with them. I think he enjoyed it too!

Even tho I only got a picture of one of her teachers with Kaitlyn, I'm So very thankful that we found great teachers for her. She loves all of them!

This is the cutest darn turkey I have EVER SEEN! She was wearing this when she left CC school on Friday and I was laughing so hard! Isn't it so darn cute? She refused to wear it anymore, and wouldn't even go for a bribe! So I had Kassel wear it so I could post a picture of it! I love the balloon as the dangly thing, whatever its called! lol The head wont stand up anymore but I still think its adorable!!

From our house to yours we hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving and a super Black Friday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still going Green!

Ok, I'm still loving Kassel's cloth diapers. I think he likes them too. I started with such a small stash because I wasn't sure how I would like the whole process. We were doing great except for needing more! Luckily I heard that Bum Genius came out with new colors so I was excited to get the new and improved diapers! Theres not much different then the old ones except for the cool new colors!

He was wearing the green one today and it matched his shirt it was so cute! I hated to cover it up! I think theres a Christmas picture coming soon with him in a Christmas shirt and his green diaper! lol
Mama has also gone green! I was really excited to try the DivaCup I wont go into details but I have to say I really like it and wish I would have gotten it sooner! Like 15 years ago! lol If your curious about it or have any questions let me know! I'm very please with it!
It's funny because I'm really not all about 'Going Green' but I'm starting to sound like it huh? The cloth diaper thing I've always wanted to do. Now doing more research on it and finding out more more reasons to do it, makes me sad I didn't jump into it with Kaitlyn. The Diva Cup, I never knew there was alternatives to the norm. Both changes in our lives are going to make a difference even if it is very small, it is a difference! If you have ever considered cloth diapers please look into it! Let me know and maybe I can help you too! A friend and I are doing a small presentation on Cloth diapering for our Moms Club group and I may post the info here too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Mama Kats homework prompts:

1.) The last time I laughed really hard...

2.) Forgive and forget...I think.

3.) I remember when...

4.) Write about something that bothered you this week.

5.) Write a poem about a favorite color.

I'll just tuch base on all of them!
1) I dont remember the last time I laughed really hard. I mean I remember being in bed and I was laughing so hard I was crying and coughing and had a hard time breathing. So is laughter really the best medincine?? I could have died! Hmmm... now I wish I remembered what I was laughing about.

2) There are lots of everyday 'forgive and forgets' that we all deal with and thats how relationships grow stronger I think. The big one in my life I dont feel comfortable talking about.

3) I remember when... GAS WAS .98 a gallon!!!! Do you guys remembed those days? I remember driving across town to get the gas that was .97 instead. Ya know, gotta save that one cent by driving across town! Man, just a few bucks would get me to the beach and back... now its like 20$, I do have to say THANK GOD the prices have come down some but no where near .98!

4) I was really bothered by the trash truck comming at 6:45am this morning! They usually dont come until late afternoon, so we missed getting the recyling away! Oh and last week... the darn gardener cam at 8am instead of like 6. So yea on top of getting kids up and ready and always being late anyways, I also had to go lock up the dogs and clear off the yard... ok, are those silly things to be bothered by?? lol

5) Ok, I can NOT write poems... back in days I used to write poems and they were pretty good.. so anyways i wont even try this one!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Silly kids- WW

Had to share some craziness of the kids.
Kassel decided he could roller skate! He was too funny, going around the walls and the couch say "Whoa, uh oh!" over and over again! Then he finally fell!

Then today we had somewhere to go later on so I'd rather the kids not go outside and get all dirty. Kids wanted to go outside and play so bad, so finally I give into the nagging let them go with the warning DO NOT GET DIRTY!!! This is what I find a little later....

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These SoCal fires have created so much devastation...
These are just some pictures from the 91 fwy going thru the canyon between Corona and Anaheim Hills!
This is looking over the community in Corona has lost about a dozen homes. You can see the fire still burning behind the hills.

Yorba Linda hills completely blackened. These are some of the multi million dollar homes, some that got destroyed and some spared...

Anaheim Hills, These are the apartments Ken and I lived in right after we got married. I love that place. It really took my breath away seeing this.... These were 2 story apartments. about 50 units are gone!

Copied from Firefighter Blog
Socal Firestorm Losses Tallied

Firestorm numbers:

934 Homes Destroyed
42,000 Acres Burned,
21 Firefighters Injured
$25 Mil. Suppression Costs

The Freeway Complex

Location: Orange County communities of Loma Linda, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim and Corona in Riverside County.

Start Date November 15, 2008 at 9:00 am.
29,000 Acres
155 homes destroyed
104 homes damaged
9 firefighters injured
11 Million dollars in fire suppression costs (to date)
3,700 Firefighters assigned (at peak)

Sayre Fire

Location: Sylmar, Los Angeles County

Start Date November 14, 2008 at 10:30 pm
11,200 Acres
579 Homes destroyed
138 Homes damaged
124 Outbuildings (other) buildings destroyed
2 Firefighters injured
8 Million dollars in fire suppression cost (to date)
1,400 Firefighters assigned (at peak)

Tea Fire

Location Montecito, Santa Barbara County

Start Date November 13, 2008 5:30 pm
1,900 Acres
210 Homes destroyed
9 Homes damaged
10 Firefighters injured
5.7 Million dollars in fire suppression costs
1,900 Firefighter assigned (at peak

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers for the CA fire victims

This morning we were running around getting ready. Ken was taking the kids to a birthday party and I was going out shopping. No TV or anything, just get ready and head out...
As we are heading to the freeway we see a WALL OF SMOKE. Freeway stopped. Ken was ahead of a few minutes so he called to tell me about it and where it was. My heart stopped as my friends' home is in that small community where the fire pretty much started. We couldn't get thru the canyon as the fire and smoke was so bad.
I have been sick to my stomach worrying about my friend.
Since then the fire has grown and there is about a dozen homes lost in the Corona area. More in the Yorba Linda area and Anaheim hills area. There are also other fires in CA that have burned many more home and shut down other freeways.
The fire has since jumped the 91 freeway, so the fire is also on the south side now. We are watching coverage as apartments that Ken and I lived in right after we got married burning. The whole complex is pretty much gone.
I have just heard from my friend who is safe and her home is safe. Thank God! I am so relived for her, but my heart is saddened by many others who have lost their homes.
PLEASE keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I will leave you with some pictures we took from out back yard as well as from around town.
From our back yard, you can see the water dropping planes and helicopters.

From the church just down the street from us.

Coming back home from lunch where you can see (if you knew the area I guess) that the fire is now on the south side of the canyon

These fires are due to the Santa Ana winds, high temperatures, low humidity, and high winds. Its been right around 90 deg the past few days, 5% humidity and winds variable but gusts up to 50 mph. Also, you might ask why the air looks so clear, we are east of the fires and the winds are blowing west. Im gonna try to get a friend to send me a picture of the air quality from orange county where the smoke is being blown. the says everyone has masks on.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anyone Etsy?

I've been considering opening an Etsy store but when I make something its SO hard for me give it away! This are my most recent creation:
My Holiday planner:

I'm always so unorganized with gifts for the holidays, i buy and buy (or make and make) but then don't have a plan on whats for who and of course end up forgetting someone so have to run out last minute for supplies to make something for just a last minute gift. This year I plan on being more organized! I started this with the idea of giving it to a friend but I fell in love with it! So this one is ALL MINE, but if you need one let me know ;)The inside and the back is done to match and the inside of the front cover has a pocket.

Ok I was going to post my other two but one is for a SS and the other is a surprise, on its way to its new home. Once she gets to her new home I will show her off!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help!!! Looking for a blog...

Oh, I'm really hoping you guys can help me!

I saw this recipe on a blog the other day and now I cant find it!

What I can remember is that it was a pastry in a shape of a leaf (going w/ fall stuff) She used a pie crust and filled it with cream cheese and preserves... thats as much as I remember. If its your blog or you know where it is PLEASE send me the link! I'd love ya forever!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Day Crop!

OMG, what a great time! We spent about 10 hours straight scrapping! I feel bad because I didnt socalize with many others but I was busy scrappin'! In 10 hours I got 14 layouts done! WooHoo! I did alot more prepwork for this crop then I did for the retreat and it really paid off! Here's what I got done!

Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


WooHoo! Today is MY DAY...
Well, im a few hours early so if you read this friday night its not today, its saterday! lol

I'm going to an ALL DAY CROP hosted by the girls at SoCalScrap with my friend Andrea! So excited! Let see if I get any pages done! lol Maybe I will just go and relax! Naaa who am I kidding heeck yea I'll be scrappin!!
Hope to post a bunch of layouts soon!
Hope you all have a great weekend too!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Layout challenge

Grace on SoCalScrap is hosting journaling challenges each month. Octobers challenge was Your Life Long Dream If your interested in playing it isn't due until Nov 9th! Come play! Here is my entry. I had a hard time getting a decent picture, sorry!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mama Kat's Homework

This weeks prompts from
Mama Kat were all great! Check out her blog is you wanna see the others but my choice was:

3.) You're sitting at work one day and receive a text message from an unrecognized number. The text says, "I have the money and hid the body." You think this is a practical joke from a friend, so you play along at first. But the more texts you receive, the more you realize that it isn't a joke. Write the text conversation you have with this unknown texter.

Unknown Texter: I have the money and hid the body

Me: How much $?

Unknown Texter: Meet me NOW!

Me: U know Im busy

Unknown Texter: NOW

Me: U have my 1/2?

Unknown Texter: yes if you want it get down here

Me: Where did you hid it?

Unknown Texter: Where I told U I would

Me: Did U get the shoes?

Unknown Texter: RU serious?

ME: Hell yea those shoes rocked!

Unknown Texter: No, meet me now if U want the $

ME: Wrap it, leave it under the park bench

Unknown Texter: Just leave it?

Me: Yes and NEVER speak about this 2 NE1 Were DONE here!

OK, so I dont do funny, Im not a writter but hey I tried!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ban4 Pictures, Images and Photos

This morning I woke up to a very cool email saying that I was selected for the Design Team for the local scrapbook store, Scrapper's Cafe! It was about a month ago that she made the Design Team call, and I thought 'What the heck I'll try for it!' I seriously thought there was no chance on being picked. I scrap for me, for my family and sometimes for friends but mostly just because I love to do it! So I sent in all my info, my bio, all the links to my online scrapbook galleries as well as my blog and then pretty much forgot about it! Then today, I wake up check my phone and BAM I got a very exciting email saying I was selected for the Design Team! I am very excited, very surprised and yet very nervous!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Happenings

A little late I know but heres a quick overview of our halloween week.
Kaitlyn made some cute pumpkin cookies (yea the easy kind that are already mixed and cut! lol)

Pumpkin Patch with friends...

Rock Wall at the pumpkin patch

Getting ready to go on the big bungy jumper... then moms camera died! :(

Trick or Treating at Lifecare Center (Retirement facility) with the Moms club!

We attempted to make cute pumpkin cookies, the idea was to put a stick into a double stuff oreo's then dip it into melted white chocolate chips (ours was died orange) BUT I had a huge problem melting the chocolate! I know there a trick to it but I could NOT get it to melt right, so we couldn't dip it in, so instead a smeared it on the front and called it done! Ugh I was so bummed they didn't turn out right! This is what Kaitlyn took to school on friday!

And since the kids couldn't wear their costumes to school, because the week was based on 'harvest' not Halloween. They came home wearing a cute scarecrow costume they made at school! How cute is this!!!

Then finally Trick or Treating.. We went around our neighborhood a little bit then went out to Kens aunts house and neighborhood. It was a great time!