Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers for the CA fire victims

This morning we were running around getting ready. Ken was taking the kids to a birthday party and I was going out shopping. No TV or anything, just get ready and head out...
As we are heading to the freeway we see a WALL OF SMOKE. Freeway stopped. Ken was ahead of a few minutes so he called to tell me about it and where it was. My heart stopped as my friends' home is in that small community where the fire pretty much started. We couldn't get thru the canyon as the fire and smoke was so bad.
I have been sick to my stomach worrying about my friend.
Since then the fire has grown and there is about a dozen homes lost in the Corona area. More in the Yorba Linda area and Anaheim hills area. There are also other fires in CA that have burned many more home and shut down other freeways.
The fire has since jumped the 91 freeway, so the fire is also on the south side now. We are watching coverage as apartments that Ken and I lived in right after we got married burning. The whole complex is pretty much gone.
I have just heard from my friend who is safe and her home is safe. Thank God! I am so relived for her, but my heart is saddened by many others who have lost their homes.
PLEASE keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I will leave you with some pictures we took from out back yard as well as from around town.
From our back yard, you can see the water dropping planes and helicopters.

From the church just down the street from us.

Coming back home from lunch where you can see (if you knew the area I guess) that the fire is now on the south side of the canyon

These fires are due to the Santa Ana winds, high temperatures, low humidity, and high winds. Its been right around 90 deg the past few days, 5% humidity and winds variable but gusts up to 50 mph. Also, you might ask why the air looks so clear, we are east of the fires and the winds are blowing west. Im gonna try to get a friend to send me a picture of the air quality from orange county where the smoke is being blown. the says everyone has masks on.


Andrea said...

Prayers are being said. The fires are nowhere near us, but it still smells we are kinda in the middle of the whole thing to the east and north of us. Stay safe.

Vodka Mom said...

thoughts and prayers for them ALL. That's for damn sure!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

That must be terrifying. Prayers going out!

KelsyC said...

OMG! How scrary! I couln't take it where you live! Fires, floods, earthquakes, at least you get 70 degree weather year round! You'll be in my prayers

Lacey in the Sky said...

That's awful. Those pictures are horrifying! I am praying that these fires die down for you all soon!