Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still going Green!

Ok, I'm still loving Kassel's cloth diapers. I think he likes them too. I started with such a small stash because I wasn't sure how I would like the whole process. We were doing great except for needing more! Luckily I heard that Bum Genius came out with new colors so I was excited to get the new and improved diapers! Theres not much different then the old ones except for the cool new colors!

He was wearing the green one today and it matched his shirt it was so cute! I hated to cover it up! I think theres a Christmas picture coming soon with him in a Christmas shirt and his green diaper! lol
Mama has also gone green! I was really excited to try the DivaCup I wont go into details but I have to say I really like it and wish I would have gotten it sooner! Like 15 years ago! lol If your curious about it or have any questions let me know! I'm very please with it!
It's funny because I'm really not all about 'Going Green' but I'm starting to sound like it huh? The cloth diaper thing I've always wanted to do. Now doing more research on it and finding out more more reasons to do it, makes me sad I didn't jump into it with Kaitlyn. The Diva Cup, I never knew there was alternatives to the norm. Both changes in our lives are going to make a difference even if it is very small, it is a difference! If you have ever considered cloth diapers please look into it! Let me know and maybe I can help you too! A friend and I are doing a small presentation on Cloth diapering for our Moms Club group and I may post the info here too.


Sandra said...


About the backgrounds... NO!

Only the background changes... the side bars and EVERYTHING stays.

I change the colors of the side bars sometimes... but all the stuff I put there, stays put when I change...

Have a ball!!! Change it up!

Julia Ladewski said...

yay for cloth diapers!! isn't it a blast?? ok, maybe not the messy poops, but I'm loving it too.

Never heard of the diva cup... i had to look it up. interesting... you know they have "mama pads" too, which are like cloth diapers, but pads... wash and reuse... i don't use 'em, but just an idea!!

we aren't fully "green" either, but it sure is nice when you can do little things like that. DH scrubbed the floors with vinegar one day instead of cleaning products and they looked fabulous!

KelsyC said...

Well, I commend you for cd-ing. Thats a little too "green" for me. LOL! I do use rags instead of paper towels and I am getting REALLY good about remembering my reusable bags at the grocery store!

Rachel said...

those are too cute...almost makes me want to have another baby...I said almost!

Amy @ Six Flower Mom said...

We just switched to cloth diapers (ebay is a good source) and we love it. Grandma made us a wool soaker, to try and we love it - I told her we wanted lots more!

The one thing I have noticed is that we have so much less trash per week since we went with cloth!

A magical day to you!

Michelle said...

Good for you for using cloth diapers. I used cloth diapers with my girls for the first year. They didn't have as many great products for the cloth diapering crowd back then like they do now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with both. I love cloth diapering and have been doing it since the day my son came home from the hospital (18 mo) and my daughter from 15 mo to PTing.

I use mamacloth and I'll never go back to sposie again. I've never tried the DivaCup but have heard such good things. :)

Sera said...

Ooooh! I love, love, love Bum Genius! I wish I'd have started Kaylee on them when she was a newborn, but better late than never, right? I started out with a 3-pack of the 3.0s and then when I decided I wanted more, I went to and got the 2.0s for cheaper. I love them so much, and I'm thinking I need to get some of the Bummis liners for when she gets diaper rash so I can still use Burt's Bees cream on her. I hate having to use disposables when she's got a diaper rash just because of the no diaper cream with the cloth diapers issue. I meant to tell you, too - I love your blog colors/design!