Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Day Crop!

OMG, what a great time! We spent about 10 hours straight scrapping! I feel bad because I didnt socalize with many others but I was busy scrappin'! In 10 hours I got 14 layouts done! WooHoo! I did alot more prepwork for this crop then I did for the retreat and it really paid off! Here's what I got done!

Thanks for looking!!!


Vodka Mom said...

not only are those GORGEOUS, but your slide show rocks!!! Get your ass over and SHOW ME HOW!!!

i am so jealous...........

Lacey in the Sky said...

Aghhh, you scrapbooking moms mean business! 10 hours!! I wonder what the record for longest consecutive scrapping is?

Oh, and I think you should open an Etsy shop! I mean... don't feel pressured. (AHEM-OPEN A SHOP!) But I think you'd do well and love it! (AHAHAHEM... DO IT.) ;)