Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Wordful Wednesday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!This is going to be a post full of pictures and well... words! lol This is a Thanksgiving card Kaitlyn made at CC school. Isn't it darling?
Wednesday we baked pumpkin muffins! I found the recipe Here, one of my FAV blogs if you haven't been able to tell so far! lol

She made the muffins for her Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday at OB school.
Here's the class saying their prayer before their feast. You can tell how many kids are paying attention huh? lol

Kassel was able to sit and eat with the big kids. All the kids love him and enjoyed him sitting with them. I think he enjoyed it too!

Even tho I only got a picture of one of her teachers with Kaitlyn, I'm So very thankful that we found great teachers for her. She loves all of them!

This is the cutest darn turkey I have EVER SEEN! She was wearing this when she left CC school on Friday and I was laughing so hard! Isn't it so darn cute? She refused to wear it anymore, and wouldn't even go for a bribe! So I had Kassel wear it so I could post a picture of it! I love the balloon as the dangly thing, whatever its called! lol The head wont stand up anymore but I still think its adorable!!

From our house to yours we hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving and a super Black Friday!


Vodka Mom said...

I love that! That hat is to DIE for!!!

See ya black friday!!!!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Those are great pics, I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I love hand made anything, and that is an awesome looking turkey.

Thanks for the visit - your kiddos are so adorable!

Michelle said...

I miss those Thanksgiving feasts in preschool. So cute!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth said...

wonderful photo story...your kids are adorable. :-)

angie said...

OK, that is the cutest darn turkey craft I've ever seen.

Such an appropriate photo story!

Happy shopping!

Rachel said...

Such cute photos! You have a little baker on your hand.

Ryan and Melanie said...

I loved the turkey too! OK, so I just read your blog about the store (it is at the bottom of the page) and you SHOULD DO IT!!!!! You are very creative and have a lot to offer others!!! Go for it!