Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just had to share

My sister sent me a picture the other day of some adorable cupcakes that looked like fish bowls. I thought oh how cute is that, hopefully soon the letter of the week will be F. Walk into class on monday, sure enough letter os the week is F!! WooHoo! Mine didnt turn out nearly as cute as the picture she sent me but hey I tried and I think they are pretty cute! I had to change it a bit as the 'rocks' in the fish bowl was peanuts and the school is peanut free so I used granola.
This is snack tomorrow at school for Kaitlyns class! Thanks for looking! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Retreat Layouts

Monday, January 26, 2009

I want Candy! Blog Candy!

Stop by and say to Kim over at Crafty Makes she has an AWESOMe blog giveaway with some very cool Basic Grey paper and lots of embelishments!

Also Melissa has an amazing giveaway too over at Ink-Clinations!

More, More, More!

Angie over at 7 Clown Circus is having an amazing bracelet giveaway

thats all I got so far, but I will let you know if I find more! :)

ETA- One more!
The Crafty Crow has a great giveaway for a kids messenger bag! SO cute!!! Stop by anc heck it out and tell her Kat sent you!


Friday morning I packed the car, we got Kaitlyn to school, showed Ken how to pick her up, kissed the kids, got some gas, and then after this is when the trip got started!

Then we got there and got settled, this was scraproom for weekend.

And this was our view

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can't wait!

MySpace Countdown Clocks


MySpace Countdown Clocks

Monday, January 19, 2009

More Giveaways!

Scrapperlicious is giving away some mini clear albums on her blog! I cant wait to see what else they have at CHA but I would LOVE to win these, wouldn't you??


is giving away some awesome Valentine goodies!

Productive weekend

I have been kinda been busy and not blogging lately, had alot on my plate.

This weekend was a very nice productive weekend. Sat was pretty kick back stuff we normally do. Sunday Ken had a kids birthday party that he took the kids to while I went shopping and attended my step sisters bridal shower. It was fun hanging out with old friends and family. And I was able to scrap some pages to complete my LOAD (layout a day) for January.

Then this extra day to the weekend I was able to finally take down, box up and put away all the Christmas stuff. Clean up the garage a bit, package up the recycling for my nephew. Then I made it back to the scraproom and worked on some layouts for Scrapper's Cafe so she could make kits. AND I think I finished packing kits for the retreat this weekend!



NOW.... only 3 more days until I'm OUTTA here!!!

Heading up north along the coast for a nice weekend of friends and scrapping... my kind of getaway!!!! Then thats not the end of the awesome weekend, I have to leave early sunday morning to head to Anaheim Convention Center for CHA!!!!! If you dont know what it is then you probably wouldnt be excited for me, but Im SO VERY excited to go!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My friend Kelsy is doing a giveaway of some goodies from her etsy store. I hate when people do giveaways but want you to blog about them because that just lowers your chance of winning! lol oh well, I'll do it for her! Look at these awesome earings and cute charm! Love it all! Go give her some love!

Wordful Wednesday- Gamer

A day late and a dollar short. It's been crazy lately and I seam to only be getting to this late! Oh well, Im just tryig to keep my head above water right now!

Kassel was laughing and laughing playing his sisters leapster!! He was laughing so hard having the time of his life! He has no idea what he was doing or supposed to be doing on it but it was so funny! UhOh, do I have a future gamer on my hands?

Check out Angie at 7 Clown Circus for more Wordful Wednesday!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Another AWESOME show is back!!! YAY
Last night and tonight was the 2 day 4 hour season premier!! It's so nice to have Jack back! I would love to spill the beans on some shockers but I know alot of you have it on the DVR and haven't watched it yet, so I'll be nice! Hurry up and watch it tho!!!

So Cal Scrap Happy Hour

Did you guys see last weeks Happy Hour at SoCalScrap? It was awesome! Check out the directions here. When you do the project be sure to upload it to the gallery so we can see how awesome yours is too!

And, a teaser for this weeks Happy Hour ....

Ooohhhh AAhhhhhhh....
Mark it down and don't forget about it! Friday at 7PST
If your not able to make it on Friday the directions stay on the board for you to come back and do it later!
Happy Scrappin'!

National Delurking Day

I just read that today is national delurking day... SO if you're here, lurking on my blog and never comment, or even if you're not a lurker and always comment, LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Right here... right now... Come on... PLEASE?!?!?!

I totally just stole this whole post from my blogging friend Renee, im such a copy cat!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Outfit!

I had planed on making kaitlyn a skirt for Christmas eve but didnt get around to it, so what am I to do with red and white stripes fabric? Hmmm... maybe if I add pink to it, it wont be too Christmasy... What do you guys think? I also made the monogram shirt to go with it. It needs a flower or something on the monogram but didnt get around to it for school today!

THis was posted for my picture of the day but I just loved the outfit I had to share it here too!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kaitlyn's First Krafty Tutorial!

Kaitlyn loves making cards. She usually just makes them for me, or Ken or her penpal. I was making a bunch of Christmas cards and she wanted to as well. So I told her she could make cards for her friends at school. She loved the idea! So here is her card tutorial:
1) Have mom cut the card bases 2x3 and the patterned paper just shy of 2x3
2) Adhere patterned paper to front of card base

3) Admire all your hard work!

4)Cut and adhere triangle's (to look like trees) to the front, back inside, where ever the heck you want to!

5)Stamp Sentiment on inside of card (without getting all inky)

6)Write the name of who it goes to, and sign your name

7) Proudly give them away at school to all your friends! Hope they enjoyed them as much as she enjoyed making them!

Some holiday crafts....

Heres some holiday gifts I'm just now getting around to show off!
Picture frames for each of her teachers with a picture of the class. Picture frame for one of the school directors who oraganized yet another great christmas performance. Sillouette pictures of my friends 3 kids. I love how these look! I was torn on weather to leave them plain or add monograms. I left them plain and figured we could add monograms later of she wants them on. I think its cool being able to recognize each kids without their names or monograms on it!

I know I have more but I guess I didnt take pictures of all the crafts I made for people, oh well! Hope they enjoy them!

Project 365 part 3

Jan 7th-Ok, so at bedtime I took a picture! Kaitlyn has been complaing about not wanting to sleep by herself and I've been past ready to get Kassel out of our bed again! Its way too cold in his room to try to get him to sleep there again, so figure this was worth a shot!

Jan 8th- I wanted to post a picture of Kassel going potty all on his own, but he wouldnt stay there with his stuff was out of sight, so I decided on this picture for today! This is a scrapbook page I completed today. The picture was taken months ago when my friend Leiani was reading to Kaitlyn, it was so sweet!

From now on my picture a day pictures will be posted on a blog specifically for this purpose! Check it out as of right now its the same pictures that has alreday been posted here but from now on they will be posted there and this blog will continue to be my ramblings! lol

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project 365

Jan 3rd-As soon as I got this green cloth diaper for Kassel I knew I just had to take a picture of him in it by the Christmas tree. I couldn't take the tree down until I took this picture!

Jan 4th- Sadly this is the only picture we took on the 4th! It was a cold dreary day. Kaitlyn asked for some hot cocoa, hot tea sounded good to me. So we enjoyed out warm cups of goodness together!

Jan 5th- Christmas in January! My friend Erica and I dont usually get to get together until January some time to exchange gifts. This time we met at Chic-Fila and let the kids play for a bit!

Jan 6th- Oh man, not even a week into the year and I'm already missing days! Man, this is harder then I thought! Kaitlyn has stayed home from school this week, and then yesterday I started getting sick and has only gotten worse since. Maybe I should go give Kait the camera to take a picture of something! lol

Jan 7th-

Monday, January 5, 2009


Nip Tuck starts TOMORROW! Tuesday! I'm SO excited!! So yummy!
These guys can turn a really crappy day into the greatest day ever! WooHoo! Have I mentioned I'm excited?!?!

And then there's Burn Notice
Oh Boy....Michael Westen can come and sweep me away ANYDAY!! Defiantly looking forward to Jan 22 when it premiers! All day they have a marathon of last season! Sorry kids, no TV for you that day! lol

So, just in case you guys didn't know when they were started or need a new show to start watching, here some mucho yummyness! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Project 365

I am going to attempt Project 365. It is also a challenge at SoCalScrap

Take one picture a day all year and you will have a recap of the whole year in pictures, in turn looking for different things to photograph and learn to use the camera a bit better!

Jan 1- playing with the streamers after Midnight on the new year!

Jan 2- Makes me sad when the holidays are done and its time to take down the decorations

Jan 3- Girls Night out with friends. Dinner at Islands and desert at Starbucks! Great times!

If looking for more scrapbook challenges, I'm hosting a card sketch challenge with a sketch from my friend Shanna as well as a layout sketch challenge with a sketch from my friend Jen

Holiday Recap

Decorating the Christmas tree...

Posing by the tree..

Making reindeer cookies!

Christmas eve I took the kids to get a real hair cut. Kassels first REAL haircut (besides mom hacking at it) and Kaitlyn's First hair cut EVER!

Christmas eve get together with my moms family

Christmas morning

Especially gotta love this one!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!