Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365 part 3

Jan 7th-Ok, so at bedtime I took a picture! Kaitlyn has been complaing about not wanting to sleep by herself and I've been past ready to get Kassel out of our bed again! Its way too cold in his room to try to get him to sleep there again, so figure this was worth a shot!

Jan 8th- I wanted to post a picture of Kassel going potty all on his own, but he wouldnt stay there with his stuff was out of sight, so I decided on this picture for today! This is a scrapbook page I completed today. The picture was taken months ago when my friend Leiani was reading to Kaitlyn, it was so sweet!

From now on my picture a day pictures will be posted on a blog specifically for this purpose! Check it out as of right now its the same pictures that has alreday been posted here but from now on they will be posted there and this blog will continue to be my ramblings! lol


Nicole said...

visiting from 7 clown circus. Hope the sleeping situation goes well for you! Hope you get some sleep. We have been there and done that one before.