Monday, January 5, 2009


Nip Tuck starts TOMORROW! Tuesday! I'm SO excited!! So yummy!
These guys can turn a really crappy day into the greatest day ever! WooHoo! Have I mentioned I'm excited?!?!

And then there's Burn Notice
Oh Boy....Michael Westen can come and sweep me away ANYDAY!! Defiantly looking forward to Jan 22 when it premiers! All day they have a marathon of last season! Sorry kids, no TV for you that day! lol

So, just in case you guys didn't know when they were started or need a new show to start watching, here some mucho yummyness! :)


KelsyC said...

Check my blog... I nominated you for Baddest Mommy Blogger. No monetary awards or anything... I just love ya!

Sabrae Carter said...

lol i totally agree! michael weston is hot and i did manage to watch a few episodes last night! unfortunatly didn't get to see nip tuck :(