Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kaitlyn's First Krafty Tutorial!

Kaitlyn loves making cards. She usually just makes them for me, or Ken or her penpal. I was making a bunch of Christmas cards and she wanted to as well. So I told her she could make cards for her friends at school. She loved the idea! So here is her card tutorial:
1) Have mom cut the card bases 2x3 and the patterned paper just shy of 2x3
2) Adhere patterned paper to front of card base

3) Admire all your hard work!

4)Cut and adhere triangle's (to look like trees) to the front, back inside, where ever the heck you want to!

5)Stamp Sentiment on inside of card (without getting all inky)

6)Write the name of who it goes to, and sign your name

7) Proudly give them away at school to all your friends! Hope they enjoyed them as much as she enjoyed making them!


Vodka Mom said...

I think those are fantastic!! She's a girl after my own heart!!!

send her over.......

Andrea said...

awww so cute! I love she made those cards herself!