Sunday, March 30, 2008

Count down to Kauai

Less than one week until our Kauai trip! Its gonna be a very busy week and i know its just gonna fly right by! Monday i think were gonna visit the school i want kaitlyn to attend. Tuesday morning way before we usually wake up is registration for that preschool. Wednesday we have gymnastics. Then hopefully thursday and friday can just be spent getting ready! OOhhh I just cant wait!!!!

Easter sunday!

Baskets at home... Kassel was up way before Kaitlyn and found his basket and learned all too well yesterday that thos eggs have candy in them! lol

Decorating the cupcakes for papa's house.

Then off to Grandma Nora's....

Kaitlyn was puting because the boys wouldnt let he play football with them

Egg hunt!

Then off to Nana and Papa's...

Easter at Grandma Wendy's!

Erica's mom always has a big get together for all the grandkids and the adopted grandkids (us) Its always so much fun! Here is a few pics enjoying lunch.

Kaitlyn dying eggs...

And the big egg hunt!

Everyone had a great time and look forward to it next year!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This and that of March '08

She was a little too quiet for too long so i went to see what kind of trouble she was in. Not in trouble actually pricelss... Just thought it was too cute not to take a pic she looked like a princess and she was fixing her barbie's hair! Incase your wondering YES she wears this dress EVERYDAY when were at home!

This picture made me laugh so hard when i found it on the memory chip, i guess she wanted to know what her mouth looked like!

Kaitlyn says shes being a good big sister by pushing him around in the car... even tho he doesnt usually want her to!

Boys really do love the dirt dont they?? and he had JUST gotten dressed!!!

and after his shower! he looks like a real boy! lol

Since the MRI results were OK and no procedure anytime soon we finally decided to cut the poor boys hair heres pirtures of teh traumatizing hair cut...

Kassel the day before his haircut! Love that hair!!!

Kaitlyns first cup of hot cocoa

I did a little fake photo shoot with Kaitlyn, i think theses turned out cute!

Kassel MRI March '08

Leaving for Kassel's MRI...

Playing w/ the cool toy they had in the waiting room waiting to gett called back. He for some reason had to be ON TOP of it!

His nurse was great with him! He's checking his vitals.

Waiting for the Dr to show up to do the MRI. Any time now!

Stopped at BK after to get a bite to eat for everyone. He was not thrilled w/ the crown!