Wednesday, March 12, 2008

January '08

Kaitlyn is playing Pirate and tying up Kassel. Hes so laid back and easy going he was totally cool with it and even smiled for the camera! Silly boy!

Kaitlyn playing at the park being silly and then on the pretend boat she was being "Captain Kaitlyn"

This boy is just so darn cute! I cant help but take random pictures of him!

Garth Brooks did a benefit concert for the So Cal wildfires and so i got tickets for Tammy, jeff, Alicia and cody for christmas along with my friend Leiani! We had so much fun! I LOVE Garth! It was awsome!!!!

This was the view from the new house! We very rarely get snow on this side of the mountain and if we do its uaully just a little on the top! This is amazing! LOVE it!!

Kassel is such a Belly button Boy! HE LOVES belly buttons for some reason! ITs so funny! I think its funny because of how much Ken HATES when someone touches his belly button! KAssel will stick his finger in anyones belly button! and not only does he stick his finger in but he digs with it! Like hes gonna find something! Its so funny! Kaitlyn thinks it fun when he does it to her!