Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feb '08 Random everyday stuff...

They were so excited when they got new pairs of sunglasses! they wore them all day! they were like movie stars posing for the camera! Love the pictures of Kassel looking over the glasses! So darn adorable!

My Silly little plumber boy.. PULL UOP THAT DIAPER!!! This made me laugh so hard with his little plumber butt hanging out tat yes being the good scrapbook mom that I am I went to find the camera before i fixed his diaper!

Firt time wearing real (hard soled) shoes. these actually used to be Kaitlyn's! they look sop darn cute on him!!

My little rock star babies! They were So funny, kaitlyn was playing the guitar and singing and Kassel was mostly dancing and clapping. Sometimes Kassel tried to play the guitar a little.

Kaitlyn trying to be "Just like Mommie" Wow those looks huge on her!

Kassel.... GOT MILK???

Last time at the apartment... its always sad leaving a place that was our familys home for awhile... Moving on...

Kaitlyn was being so silly she was saying she was a "Hot Dog Princess!" Shes so stinkin funny sometimes!!

Im trying really hard not to post pictures of my scrapbook pages, making this about family and not my hobby but heres my recent favorite layout