Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Krazy Armstrong K's!

Welcome to the Krazy Armstrong K's Blog!
I guess this is all the rage and everybodys gotta do it, so heres my attempt......

Dont really know what to say because if your looking t this I would assume that you already now who we are! lol

I'm Katrina! I'm a 32 (gasp) year old mother of two Married to my love Ken. Ken and I have been married since Oct. 5 2002. We have moved back and forth between Corona and Orange county many time and recently made our new home in Corona once again! Still looking for the right soil to plant our roots down in!

Kaitlyn is our truly Krazy kid! She will be 4 in May (going on 16). Shes full of sas and attitude, and also full of hugs and kisses! She's always pushed hersefl and her limits, some for good and some for... well.... She was so excited to move to the new house. She has since been sleeping in her own room and loving it. She was also very much looking forward to starting school once we moved. I told her we would start LOOKING for a school once we moved but in her mind she would STRT school once we moved! Oops! Im still looking and cant decided on the best school for her! She is enrolled in gymnastics at Kips Gymnastics and has been pretty much since she was able to walk! She loves it so much! I also just enrolled her into a Dance class thru the city parks and rec department which at the end of the session will put on a show, im super excited to see how she does in that! She doesnt know its comming up yet because she will bug me until it starts! This comming weekend she is also regsitered for the Tiny Tot Olympics, they have a sprint, hurdles, frisbe throw and a few other things. It should be fun for all of us! great photo op for this scrapbooking mom!

Kassel my baby which isnt really a baby anymore. He is almost 17 months. He is so much more calm and mellow compared to Kaitlyn! I joke that if he was our first child we maybe on #4 by now! lol Kassel takes everything slow and steady. He took along time to start walking on his own, i guess no reason to when Mom carrys him around all the time huh? He has just started saying a few words. Ouch i think was his first word once we moved into the new house and he has a yard to play in he kept falling and scrapping his knees. He also says DAD but thts pretty much it. Once he said bye but i think thats about it. He definatly knows how to get his point across tho. No lack of communication there!

Recent goings on...
Today Kassel had his follow up MRI from his Aug MRI to check the syst in his brain. We were first made away of a problem by his head circumfrence being off the charts. The doctor sent us for an ultrasound to check for water on his brain. The US showed no water on the brain but they saw "something" but coulnt tell what. So we were sent for an MRI. MRI's for a young one required being sedated which I was NOT happy about. He had his first MRI in Aug '07 and it showed a fluid filled syst in the ventricles of his brain. The doctor said it was a little larger than what he normally sees but if theres no side effects then theres nothing to worry about right now and we would check it in 6 months. He told us to watch for signs of headaches and if he could look up without moving his head up. But that the syst would not be responsible for his head size! Guess he just has a big head! SO now here we are 7 mnth later nd had teh MRI today. Kassel came out of it a little better than last time and didnt fight for as long. But he still was NOT happy when he came out! HE settled down and nursed for awhile and then they sent us home! We have an appointment tomorrow noon time to get teh results from the neuro surgeon. We pray it is gone or has atleast shrunk.

Looking forward to vacation! We are all looking forward to vacation this year! Kauai here we come! We first went to Kauai in Aug of '05. One of the things on dad and Chris's bucket list was to take the whole family to Hawaii. So ALL13 of us went! It was a blast! Crazy at time but SO much fun! On the way home Ken and I were trying to make plans for the next one! WE went last year in April with both kids this time and it was great time! Now its less than a month away until we will be there again! April 5-12 can not come soon enough! Looking forward to those sparkling water and clean warm sand. the beautiful waterfalls, etc Ahhh..... Heaven!