Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anyone Etsy?

I've been considering opening an Etsy store but when I make something its SO hard for me give it away! This are my most recent creation:
My Holiday planner:

I'm always so unorganized with gifts for the holidays, i buy and buy (or make and make) but then don't have a plan on whats for who and of course end up forgetting someone so have to run out last minute for supplies to make something for just a last minute gift. This year I plan on being more organized! I started this with the idea of giving it to a friend but I fell in love with it! So this one is ALL MINE, but if you need one let me know ;)The inside and the back is done to match and the inside of the front cover has a pocket.

Ok I was going to post my other two but one is for a SS and the other is a surprise, on its way to its new home. Once she gets to her new home I will show her off!


Rachel said...

You have great it open it!