Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Journal Jar

For Christmas I made my dad and step mom a Journal Jar. Its a jar filled w/ 365 questions, to pick and answer one each day and a nice journal to write their answers in. I LOVE this idea but i SO dont nee more stuff laying around the house so on on Scrapbook board i started a Cyber Journal Jar and have been trying to answer a question a day along w/ others on the board. I plan on scrapping the questions and answers by month to go in my AAM album (All About Me) so the kids can learn about me when im long gone... so im going to try to start posting them here maybe that will keep me on it! Lets see..

April 16- Describe your 1st home as a young couple.
Our first apartment together were in Sierra Del Oro (sub division of Corona) it was a real cute pretty big one bedroom that Ken was living in and I decided to move in with him.
Our first home as a Maried couple was a real cute OK size 1 bedroom in Anaheim Hills. We moved in the day we got home from our honeymoon! I lived it but it was SO noisy because it was right up the hill from that darn 91 fwy! We couldnt have our back door or windows open or else all you could hear was the freeway traffic!