Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Preschool Already??

Well, Kaitlyn is now officially signed up for preschool for the summer and fall semester. I was really excited about it before thinking how nice it will have only Kassel for awhile and can get more stuff done. But lately I've been really bummed about the idea of her gone. I was kinda hoping we wouldnt get her in to school, how bad is that? I know this will be great for her and shes just So darn excited its cute. Im just sad im loosing my baby, and the thought that she will be in school from now until she moves out is a real scary thought!
Anyways, she will be attending Olive Branch Preschool MWF mornings for the summer program and MWF afternoon for the Fall semester. Angela's daughter, Ashely will be attending the summer program so that will be good for the girls. Im glad im super busy getting ready for vacation or else i would be even more bummed about it. I know when the times comes to actually take her and LEAVE her at school it will be real hard... ugh!
We're also still considering putting her in 2 days a week at the same preschool i went to, just because it would so cool for her to go to the same school, also because its a great school. But that would mean every day of the week! Waa Waa