Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scrapbook stuff

Ok, I was trying to keep scrapbook stuff off this board but i really feel like this blog is missing a part of me... besides being all tricked out which i dont know how to do. Scrapbook is my passion. Its was I do to relax and have fun and even w/ the kids screaming and pulling on me it still feels like ME TIME and i enjoy it and especially love the idea of teh kids having these books when im not around anymore and learn about themselves as well as about me, so i've decided to add my SB stuff here too. Not everything because it would seriously take over but im going to try to share a few of each batch i make

Heres 2 things i threw together for classes im teaching..

As far as Scrapbooking i havent done much at all for like a month because its been too crazy but i did these the other night...