Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall into Fall ~N~ Playdoh!

I've been stressed and therefore cranky and anti social. Today being the first day of Fall I made myself try to get out of my funk and get back into the swing of things! Which is kinda funny because I don't really get into the Fall thing, I'm not big on browns and orange for decorating or anything but I'm gonna make an honest try at this!
I made these trick or treat bags a few days ago for a swap I'm in. I still think they need something but the things I had tried didn't really work because theres so many colors and patterns. Even plain like this I like them but trying to think of something else... I have one more thing to try but gotta stop off at good ole Michael's first! lol

This morning we went shopping for some goodies to go into the bags. Fun stuff! but they only had Halloween stuff, not fall stuff.

Then after school today Kaitlyn made some orange playdoh! She had a blast and I was excited I actually had stuff to make it! That's a shocker! I never have everything to make anything! lol Here's my cute little chef in the cutest little aprons and chef hat found at the Target 1$ section! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that spot! hehe

Hope everyone had a wonderful first day of Fall! Did you do anything fun or special to break in the new season? Please share if you did!

PS. Kassel is doing GREAT sleeping in his own bed! He doesn't wake up at all! It's amazing! He wakes up about 6 or 7 and Ken gets him and brings him to our bed and he snuggles with me and sometimes goes back to sleep sometimes just lays there and talks to himself and sings or something. I'm kinda sad hes really out of our bed but its also nice to share the bed only with Ken.

As far as our crazy school schedule... its soon to change and I'm excited its going to be a normal schedule! YAY! Next week we start the new schedule and I hope it works out alot better for everyone. I'm just worried about the transition but Kaitlyn is usually so easy going and just goes with the flow and makes new friends easily so I'm hoping that continues! Cross your fingers for me!

Playdoh Recipe:
3c Flour
1 1/2 c Salt
3tsp Cream of Tartar
3tbs Oil
3c Water
Food coloring
Mix everything together in large sauce pan over med heat, keep stiring. Once it feels like playdoh turn off heat. Dump onto wax paper, let cool, then knead into dough. Done! Enjoy!


Vodka Mom said...

god dammit. You're the mother of the year. (I was hoping it would be me...)

love the music.

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

LOL, your So funny!

Rachel said...

Love the scrapbook pages...jealous it's fall and I live in Florida.

PS kids are adorable!!!