Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Tonight's homework from Mama's Losin it
She gave us SO much homework tonight I dunno if I'll be able to get it all done but I will try!

1.) Write a letter to the 10-year-old child you had been.

2.) How is life different for your children than when you were growing up?

3.) Name three people you last emailed and why.

and an extra late add on

4.) Write a short essay about your child (and if you have more than one just choose your favorite and if you don't have kids than just talk about your pet and if you don't have a pet just talk about your significant other and if you don't have a significant other than FREAK! Pick one of the other prompts this one is clearly not for you. ps go adopt a cat for crying out loud the humane society is overflowing with them.).

OK, and with that I'm off to work on my homework!

#3- My last emails were to Julie, Erica and Paula

Julie is a friend I met WAY back when. We were both engaged when we met and got married 2 weeks apart from each other. We had alot of fun planning some of our wedding stuff together and of course SHOPPING! Ahhh that LA trip was fun! Anyways, fast forward 6 years later..... we kinda lost touch this last year with her having a child and me, well... just trying to keep my head from spinning off! We are actually have both our sons birthday parties the same weekend, trying to make it so we both can go to both of them... so lng story short the email was checking on dates and time for the birthday parties!

Erica, one of my close friends from Jr High (can you beleive it JR HIGH school)! I wont even say how many years ago that was! lol We were trying to arrange a girls night out, and also talking about Kassel's birthday party date.

Paula, Im trying to convince someone else to join the MOMS club with me so we were talking about the schedule they have for Sept and how it doesnt work for her, BUMMER! Im just such a chicken to meet new people I was hoping someone else would go with me! lol I know cheesy but oh well, thats me! lol

Ok, so that was the easy one...

Well, biggest thing is TECHNOLOGY!! Computers, phones, video games, etc. Kaitlyn knows how work the cell phone, yea even my Blackberry! Go figure huh? She works on the computer ALL the time! She has always loved her leapsters and Vtech's. When yea they teach the kids alot, im not one for the midless video games just the educational ones. BUT they take their imagingation away from them. Or maybe they just dont know how to use it! I remember playing OUTSIDE ALL the time! Creating camps and towns and just anything! The kids now days would rather play inside with a computer or a game than get outside and RUN! I know I am half to blame for it and we DO spend alot of time outside but sometimes I have to drag them outside!
There's LOTS of other things that are different but that was the main one I think that has really changed out childrens way of growing up. Theres also the crime, I used to be able to ride my bike across town but there no way in heck I'd let my kids do that now! TOO many wack jobs out there!! Same with playing out front, I would NEVER let my kids play in the front yard w/o me sitting right there watching them. Money, I think its harder and harder for people to have a stay at home parent, and that of course changes the family dinamics. I could go on and on but Kens bugging me to do something so I will be back to try to finish the homework later


Mama's Losin' It said...

Nerd Alert! You don't have to do them ALL...good Lord you'll be up all night! :) I mean...you can if you WANT to...

ps the last time I deleted a post it was because I had a "Secret" blog where I could vent about my family and friends. I posted this big thing about my sister and what she did that bugged me and accidentally published it to the WRONG blog!! I freaked out!! Deleted it as soon as I realized what I had done (three hours later) and PRAYED she didn't see it.

She didn't. I'm in the clear...and I deleted that secret blog. Phew!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

LMAO thats classic! love it!
ok, I was never into homework when I was actually IN school, but these are fun! lol
Thanks for doing it!

Rhonda said...

I'm totally with you on the junior high friends! I still have my BFF from JH. Wow. Amazing how fast we can fall back in to our old ways... lol

Tabi said...

Great Post! I wish our kids could still play outside worry free too! They don't worry but I sure do so, there is no roaming around without mommy being with them!