Saturday, September 6, 2008

PSA- Car seats!

Recently I have had a few conversations with people who's child had outgrown their car seat. I remember when Kaitlyn first started growing out of her car seat and I was SO worried she would have to move into a booster. I really don't like boosters and don't think they are good for 3, 4 or even 5 year olds! I did my research and thanks to a good friend Shannon, I found there are bigger car seats that will keep your child incredibly safe in a harness! Your more than likely not gonna find them at Walmart or Target and I don't think Babies or Toys R us carrys them in the store BUT the Britax Regent is what I have and LOVE it!

This seat goes from 22 pounds to 80 pounds! That's right 80 pounds! The seated height is from 12 to 20 inches. The top slot for the strap is right about where Kaitlyn's head is right now! PLENTY of room for growth! Now there's no fancy cup holders or lights (what IS that about?) BUT it IS big and safe and comfortable! I have not been able to find a seat with as much padding as the Britax, and believe me I looked around! I truly believe that the kids should be as comfortable as possible in their car seat. I don't wanna sit on hard plastic why should I make my kid, right?
Anyways, I just thought that if I had a few people IRL talk about moving their child into a booster and I was able to show them the difference in safety and comfort then maybe you out there in blog land might get something out of this too!
PLEASE do your research and look around before utting your child into a booster! This seat will last Kaitlyn until shes about 8 years old! Amazon and other places usually has them for 250$ and free shipping! I just got my second one this week! Keep those kiddos safe!
*There are other seats that also fit bigger kids, this was the one I chose, PLEASE do your research when it comes to your childs safety!*


Mama's Losin' It said...

I have to totally agree with this. Thanks for the carseat recommendation!!

ps your comment this morning (it's 10am here) totally made me laugh. You're great.

hebba said...

I remember when I lived in Cali there was a giant billboard that said 4'10" or 80# --that's how long you needed to be in a booster seat for. I almost drove off the road! I would have been in a booster seat until I was 17!!
(Hang onto that visual: going for your driver's test sitting in a booster!)
gave a good week!

roxybonds said...

I'll second that! I have one for my son who is on the bigger side. Its awesome!

I will say that it takes up alot of space in your car though. It does not have a base on it, but the bar in the back makes it sit very far out on the seat, therefore he can easily kick the seat in front of him. Not a problem unless someone sits there...

Caren said...

We have the same seat for my 4.5 year old. (Well, not the cute flowery one but my sister does have that)

I agree, it's a great seat. I DO use a booster if I have to take him in someone else's car on a short trip because the Britax is huge but we use the Britax pretty much on a regular basis. I love it!

Araceli said...

Perfect choice.!! That car seat is looking super cute and comfy. I love it..