Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture a day finally updated!

I really didnt think this picture a day challenge would be so difficult but IT IS!!

I just updated out Just Us 365 blog with a bunch of pictures from last month and so far up to date with this month! Woo Hoo! I missed some days but what can you expect im not very good at HAVING to do things everyday!


Lace said...

Hey there, Missy! I put up a comment moderator b/c I kept missing comments on older posts, that's why you didn't see your comment!

I just had to play catch up with you, so here goes my comments!
1- Happy belated Birthday!
2- That scrapbook yardsale is such a great idea! If I lived near you I would totally want in on that! I have some scrap stuff that I just never use!I hope it goes well!
3- Now I need to go check out your 365 pics! :)

Hope all is well and that the kiddos are doing great!

Michelle said...

I am doing the 365 photo project too and some days it feels like a chore and other days it feels effortless. I try not to go more than three days without posting pictures......otherwise I might say screw it. :)