Monday, February 9, 2009

Musical Monday

Musical Monday

Im jumping on another bandwagon, atleast for today! I saw it posted on Angie's blogs and thought this is comthing right up my alley, I love music!

This song by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah brightman has always been one of those songs that Ken and I love. It was also a song that made it into out wedding song list, not sure where we fit it in. Maybe it didnt make sence and I dont want to say its 'ours song' because I dont want out song to be about saying good bye! lol but all and all we love this song!

Our other all time favorite song is a mix that was made after Keith Whitley passed away with Allison Krause. It came to the radio while we were planning our wedding and we LOVED it. The one on my song list (playing on the blog) is slightly slower then the one we used, not really sure how theres different ones but whatever! I searched and searched the web and the music stores, the song was impossble to find! So I wrote the radio station that played the song and asked them how the heck they got it. They explained that they created the mix and that its not out for purchase. I begged and begged and they finally sent me a tape of the mix. I was SO excited. That was our song for the first dance. It stinks that we stll have not been able to buy a CD with it on there, but in a way I think its kinda cool that our song is so special.
ETA- ok, were still having abit of 'discussion' here, Ken swears thats not Keith Whitley, I have to agree it DOES sound like Randy Travis but it says its Keith! Anyways... its not exactly our song but its as close as I can get!


Vodka Mom said...

you're good. I love it when a person is determined!!

Lace said...

Your background is so stinkin' cute, Kat! Is Kaitlin going to bake some yummies for you to blog about? I love to see her baking posts! SO cute in her little apron :)

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

This is such a beautiful song...I love it...great choice!