Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip Overview Day 2 (sunday)

Today we spent the whole day at Ken's Cousin Toni's house! They fed us like we were starving! Such great food and great company! There was alot of family there to meet us! There was Aunt Gloria and Uncle Juan, Cousin Toni, Art and Olga and Olga's husband Tony, their daughter... we forgot her name.. I'm sorry! Olga's granddaughter Anhelica (sorry if I'm spelling any ones name wrong!)Whew... I *think* that was everyone! We had a wonderful breakfast and then soon after a scrumptious lunch. Lots of chit chat and just hanging out enjoying every ones company!
I LOVE this picture of Gloria!

Here's just a few other pics from the day at Toni's!

We headed back to the hotel and Kassel fell asleep on the way and never woke up until morning so we didnt make it out for dinner. Thank goodness they sent us home with a few leftovers! lol