Friday, October 10, 2008

Trip Overview Day 3 (monday)

We woke up and headed down the I10! Not much to see but desert, dirt and some cactus! We made it to Las Cruses in the evening.

My Aunt LaDonna and Uncle Joe live in Las Cruses and I haven't been to their house in..... shoot I think I was like 11 years old when I was there! the house wasn't even completely done at that time! This place is amazing! Just getting there we hung out o the front patio and took in the view and just relaxed a bit! Let the kids run around a little!

Kaitlyn didn't listen and touched the cactus and told me theres no pokeys on it! HAHA, just a few minutes later I see her picking at her hands, trying to hide it from me! They were those tiny ones you cant realy see but oh my they hurt! So here we are picking them out of her hand, I *think* she learned! lol

It was a LONG day and kids were getting into everything so they got a shower and went to bed. Then I stayed up a bit and had some tequilla shots with LaDonna and Joe and talked about this and that. It was great!